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This is a question I Drank Meths (pointless teenage things you did to shock)

As a teenager I spent a whole summer bare-foot to show I wasn't going to bow to rules imposed by society.

(soon forgot all about that idea when the pavements got icy, I tell you)

I was telling a friend this when he trumped my story - he used to put water in a meths bottle and drink it in public. See, that'll bring down society.

What similarly classy nonsense have you got up to in the name of rebellion?
Apologies for accidentally closing this question earlier

(, Thu 19 Jul 2007, 12:07)
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This is the story...
I used to enjoy hanging around after school as a teenager playing basketball with my buddies on the playground at the end of the day. This was great most the time, until that day where some twats came on and started harrassing us while we were having fun.
They started by taunting me as I made shots at the basket, jeering everytime I missed. I shrugged it off as normal behaviour. They continued over the week creating as much nuisance as possible with graffiti and intimidation etc. I dealt with it a lot from them for a while.
But soon enough it took on a more violent character. I was getting shoved around. Normally I back away, but this was simply not on, to come to where I was while enjoying myself and generally harrassing me. I then decided I had to stop this shit.

I got in one little fight and my Mom got scared
she said "You're moving with your auntie and your uncle in bel-air"

I whistled for a cab and when I came near,
The license plate said 'Fresh',
And had dice in the mirror,
If anything I could say that this cab was rare,
But I thought 'Nah, forget it - Yo, home to Bel-Air!'

I pulled up to the house at bout seven or eight,
I yelled to the cabbie 'Yo home, smell ya later!'
I looked at my kingdom,
I was finally there!
To sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air!

Yours sincerely,
W. Smith.
(, Wed 25 Jul 2007, 1:23, Reply)

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