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This is a question Terrible Parenting

My parents used to lock my brother, sister and I in the car while they went to the pub for a "quick one" after work. This quick one might last several hours, during which they would send bottles of Indian Tonic Water to us by way of refreshment.

On one particularly cold evening, bored stupid, we lit a small bonfire on the back seat of the car using the cigarette lighter and the contents of the glove box. We owe our lives to passing winos. (BTW: Please no more Maddie or Jesus gags, they've been done.)

(, Thu 16 Aug 2007, 9:47)
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my Dad used to hit me quite a lot as a child, which I thought was just cos I had been naughty, but as I got older I realised it was actually quite abusive. When I finally started to argue back and not let him push me around anymore (mid teens) he started using a clenched fist.

It would always start out with an argument until it got aggressive, but if I ended up with a black eye or bruise, he'd just twist the story to my mother so it sounded like I started it.

About a year ago was the worst, just split up with a long-term girlfriend, and as I tried to leave the house, crying and pissed off, we ended up in a fight, only this time he ended up playing bouncy castle with my head.

As always he twisted the story when the police turned up and it turned out it was cos I was drunk and he was doing me a favour by not letting me leave the house because I was going to hurt someone/myself.

A year on and I still can't afford to move out but hopefully not for much longer. Strange thing is, I never felt less alone than at that time, all my friends were there for me when I was going through it all, even work mates or those that I hadn't seen for quite a while, offering me a place to stay, someone to talk to.

Moral of the story is, even if you feel like your friends arn't paying you much attention to you latley, it's probablly because they have problems of their own, but when you need them, they'll be there for you.

Not a very funny story but life's a bitch.
(, Fri 17 Aug 2007, 23:31, Reply)

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