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This is a question Sticking it to The Man

From little victories over your bank manager to epic wins over the law - tell us how you've put one over authority. Right on, kids!

Suggestion from Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic

(, Thu 17 Jun 2010, 16:01)
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I don't think they do fire employees as a result of shoplifting
certainly in the years I worked in retail this never happened, although I only worked in chain stores where they definitely do make budget allowances for it.

The staff never got blamed for shoplifting - managers saw it as a fact of life, and assistants can't physically tackle anyone inside the shop. They also know a lot of shoplifters are pretty cunning and that it would be pretty counterproductive to fire an employee every time somebody made off with a jumper.

Also, saying shoplifters don't know what it's like to be poor is making a rather odd generalised assumption.

Not saying shoplifting is a good thing, just think you've gone off-spec a bit here.
(, Mon 21 Jun 2010, 15:54, 1 reply)
I make concession...
...for actual starvation.

But I do wonder if these people are actually starving. If they're actually freezing. We have systems available in this country which should prevent that.

They don't punish the staff for allowing the shoplifting - it is that if budgets need to be cut, they won't be cut from suit-based bonuses, will they.
(, Mon 21 Jun 2010, 16:03, closed)
easier to steal
a couple of bananas and a packet of razor blades than try to negotiate 'the system'.
(, Mon 21 Jun 2010, 16:21, closed)
OK, I understand why some people do it, but others who claim to 'stick it to The Man' are fucking the wrong people over.
(, Mon 21 Jun 2010, 16:27, closed)

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