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This is a question Thrown away: The stuff you loved and lost.

Smash Wogan writes, "we all love our Mums, but we all know that Mums can be cunts, throwing out our carefully hoarded crap that we know is going to be worth millions some day."

What priceless junk have you lost because someone just threw it out?

Zero points for "all my porn". Unless it was particularly good porn...

(, Thu 14 Aug 2008, 16:32)
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I've posted this before
...but this REALLY hurts.

My Grandfather was an English professor - in the 70s it was his expert testimony that enabled the Sex Pistols to call their LP 'Never Mind The Bollocks' as he attested 'bollocks' was not technically an obscene word.

The band gave him a copy of the LP signed by them all, thanking him for his pivotal assistance.

My lovely old gran gave it to Oxfam in the 80s, unplayed.


Incidentally during the trial the prosecution tried to belittle my grandfather; 'so, you're an expert on the word 'bollocks' are you?', they asked him (he was wearing his vicar's dog collar for added effect).

'Oh, no', he replied, 'I can tell you all about 'fuck' and 'shit' too'.
(, Fri 15 Aug 2008, 13:50, 5 replies)
the question is...
Sid Vicious or Glen Matlock era?
(, Fri 15 Aug 2008, 13:53, closed)
He was so much more than an English professor.
For having the blood of a hero coursing through your veins, you get a click.
(, Fri 15 Aug 2008, 13:57, closed)
Actually both.

Matlock was fired before Bollocks was released but plays on the record as does Sid Vicious.

However, most of the basslines were actually played by Steve Jones.

Well, you did ask!

EDIT and thank you Shanker, I couldn't agree more *bows with a flourish*
(, Fri 15 Aug 2008, 14:19, closed)
was wondering more about autographs because I was being thick and forgetting matlock left before it was released :\ :D
(, Fri 15 Aug 2008, 21:43, closed)
i think your grandad sounds like the absolute bollocks!
more stories about this old boy please
(, Mon 18 Aug 2008, 17:32, closed)

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