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This is a question Tightwads

There's saving money, and there's being tight: saving money at the expense of other people, or simply for the miserly hell of it.

Tell us about measures that go beyond simple belt tightening into the realms of Mr Scrooge.

(, Thu 23 Oct 2008, 13:58)
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sandwich run
less stingy, more theiving.
a friend of mine who works as a maintainance engineer was telling me about one of his ex-co-workers.
this guy took it upon himself one day to take sandwich orders (and money) from everyone and go to the butty shop down the road with the order.
nice chap hes doing everyone a favour out of the goodness of his heart.

only one day someone was late in, missed the sandwich order and so had to go to the shop himself. orders his sandwich and hands over his £3 and is then astonished to receive change as this is the price he's been paying for the last 8 years when the guy set up the order.
he asks for a full price list from the shop and asks round to check its not just him being screwed over. but it turned out that for the last 10 years this guy has been screwing his coleagues out of an extra 20-30p a day.
granted this doesnt sound like a lot but 30p x 15 people = £4.50 a day/£22 a week/£1170 a year! and he'd been doing it for 10 years!
i'm sure it would have been fine if he was open about his little fee and nobody would have kicked up a fuss but to have the cheek to take 20-30p off your 'friends'(and boss too) without telling them for so long.

he was suspended and advised to resign after that.
(, Sun 26 Oct 2008, 18:58, 7 replies)
tight bastards
your boss, not the sandwich-fetcher. suspending someone over a few p? now THAT'S tight.
(, Sun 26 Oct 2008, 23:07, closed)
Just thinking that.
Few pence for your butty ordered, and probably driven out and picked up, brought back and delivered, hot in your hand for a daily 20p.. well worth the money, (assuming the change wasn't dropped in the charity box.. maybe?) I routinely give a rounded up sum to our butty run.. maybe if someone else offered to go to the shop in 10 YEARS, there would not have been an issue in the first place.

Your boss was wrong for asking him to resign over this.
(, Mon 27 Oct 2008, 10:06, closed)
i agree to some extent
it seems like a fair enough margin, to take 20p or so or round it up to the next pound/50p whatever but he wasnt open about it.
if he'd told them he was taking his cut they'd wish they'd thought of it but still hand over their money to him.

thruth is he probably just bought his lunch with the profits and only gained a small amount each day. which seems fair "i'll go to the shop and get all your butties if you all chip in 20p for mine". but thats not how it was sold.
(, Tue 28 Oct 2008, 0:45, closed)
Not really.
If he was screwing each person out of 20p a day, that's 1 pound a week. Now a pound a week doesn't sound like much, but then that's 52 pounds a year: 52 pounds is quite a lot when you think about it. A lot of groceries/a really decent meal/some new clothes.

I think he was right to have been suspended. Although they could have offered him the option of paying all the money back instead...
(, Mon 27 Oct 2008, 14:16, closed)
It's likely that a fair chunk of that went on running the car. It might well have cost 50p/£1 a mile to do the journey. At that, probably about a third of the money went on the petrol etc.
(, Mon 27 Oct 2008, 21:23, closed)
Did he drive though?
Original post says 'down the road', might not be very far, so it's not clear that he used a car at all...
(, Tue 28 Oct 2008, 9:27, closed)
i dont think people wanted him working there after it'd happened.
(, Tue 28 Oct 2008, 0:35, closed)

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