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This is a question Conspiracy theory nutters

I keep getting collared by a bloke who says that the war in Afghanistan is a cover for our Illuminati Freemason Shapeshifting Lizard masters to corner the market in mind-bending drugs. "It's true," he says, "I heard it on TalkSport". Tell us your stories of encounters with tinfoil hatters.

Thanks to Davros' Granddad

(, Thu 27 Aug 2009, 13:52)
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There's a fine line between stupid and crazy.
I was sitting in a pub, as I suppose most of these stories start.
There was a gentleman (see: nutter) sitting a few over speaking to a lovely (if not the brightest) young lady.
He was lecturing her on the evils of terrorism when suddenly I hear, "They did a study you know. Every terrorist attack of the past 50 years was done by someone of Middle Eastern Descent." All the while this young lady blankly stared and nodded her head.
When he directed an "Am I right?" towards me, I responded with, "What about the unibomber? Ted Kaczynski?" I received a bulletproof, "Well, that's if you believe he did it."

After pointing out Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Federal Building, I heard an answer that made me reconsider my placement in this pub.

The statement that crossed the line between stupid and crazy?

"That wasn't terrorism. That was the act of a patriot."

I raise my glass to you, Conspiracy Theory Nutter, for making my pub time far more interesting.
(, Wed 2 Sep 2009, 0:22, 1 reply)
I'll see your Timothy McVeigh and Unabomber
...and raise you an IRA, ETA, Red Army Faction, etc, etc.

None of them were of middle eastern origin.
(, Wed 2 Sep 2009, 10:22, closed)

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