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This is a question Conspiracy theory nutters

I keep getting collared by a bloke who says that the war in Afghanistan is a cover for our Illuminati Freemason Shapeshifting Lizard masters to corner the market in mind-bending drugs. "It's true," he says, "I heard it on TalkSport". Tell us your stories of encounters with tinfoil hatters.

Thanks to Davros' Granddad

(, Thu 27 Aug 2009, 13:52)
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Tinfoil Hats?
Good people of b3ta. Please please don't fall into the NWO's trap of using tinfoil!

All it does is amplify the mind control signals that THEY are sending out into our brains.

For true protection, cover your head in marmite and wrap some grease proof paper round your head.


(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 23:34, Reply)
This one at least has dead victims
A list of scientists, researchers, journalists, software experts and biologists who have died in mysterious circumstances.

88 Wallace L. Pannier, 81. Died Aug. 6, of respiratory failure and other natural causes. Pannier, a germ warfare scientist whose top-secret projects included a mock attack on the New York subway with powdered bacteria in 1966. Mr. Pannier worked at Fort Detrick, a US Army installation in Frederick that tested biological weapons during the Cold War and is now a center for biodefense research. He worked in the Special Operations Division, a secretive unit operating there from 1949 to 1969, according to family members and published reports. The unit developed and tested delivery systems for deadly agents such as anthrax and smallpox.

#87 August "Gus" Watanabe, 67. Died June 9, found dead outside a cabin in Brown County. Friends discovered the body, a .38-caliber handgun and a three-page note at the scene. They said he had been depressed following the death last month of his daughter Nan Reiko Watanabe Lewis. She died at age 44 while recovering from elective surgery. Watanabe was one of the five highest-paid officers of Indianapolis pharmaceutical maker Eli Lilly and Co. when he retired in 2003.

#86 Caroline Coffey, 28. Died June 3, from massive cuts to her throat. Hikers found the body of the Cornell Univ. post-doctoral bio-medicine researcher along a wooded trail in the park, just outside Ithaca, N.Y., where the Ivy League school is located. Her husband was hospitalized under guard after a police chase and their apartment set on fire.

Died 2008

#84 & 85Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, both 23. Died July 3, after being bound, gagged, stabbed and set alight. Laurent, a student in the proteins that cause infectious disease, had been stabbed 196 times with half of them being administered to his back after he was dead. Gabriel, who hoped to become an expert in ecofriendly fuels, suffered 47 separate injuries.

Died 2007
#83: Yongsheng Li, age 29. Died: sometime after 4 p.m. on March 10, when he was last seen as a result of unknown causes. He was found in a pond between the Women's Sports Complex and State Botanical Gardens on South Milledge Avenue Sunday and had been missing 16 days. Li was a doctoral student from China who studied receptor cells in Regents Professor David Puett's biochemistry and molecular biology laboratory.

#82: Dr. Mario Alberto Vargas Olvera, age 52. Died: Oct. 6, 2007 as a result of several blunt-force injuries to his head and neck. Ruled as murder. Found in his home. He was a nationally and internationally recognized biologist.

Died 2006

#81: Yoram Kaufman, age 57 (one day before his 58th birthday). Died: May 31, 2006 when he was struck by an automobile while riding his bicycle near the Goddard center's campus in Greenbelt. Dr. Kaufman began working at the space flight center in 1979 and spent his entire career there as a research scientist. His primary fields were meteorology and climate change, with a specialty in analyzing aerosols -- airborne solid and liquid particles in the atmosphere. In recent years, he was senior atmospheric scientist in the Earth-Sun Exploration Division and played a key role in the development of NASA's Terra satellite, which collects data about the atmosphere.

#80: Lee Jong-woo, age 61. Died: May 22, 2006 after suffering a blood clot on the brain. Lee was spearheading the organization's fight against global threats from bird flu, AIDS and other infectious diseases. WHO director-general since 2003, Lee was his country's top international official. The affable South Korean, who liked to lighten his press conferences with jokes, was a keen sportsman with no history of ill-health, according to officials.

Died 2005

#79: Leonid Strachunsky. Died: June 8, 2005 after being hit on the head with a champagne bottle. Strachunsky specialized in creating microbes resistant to biological weapons. Strachunsky was found dead in his hotel room in Moscow, where hed come from Smolensk en route to the United States. Investigators are looking for a connection between the murder of this leading bio weapons researcher and the hepatitis outbreak in Tver, Russia.

#78: Robert J. Lull, age 66. Died: May 19, 2005 of multiple stab wounds. Despite his missing car and apparent credit card theft, homicide Inspector Holly Pera said investigators aren't convinced that robbery was the sole motive for Lull's killing. She said a robber would typically have taken more valuables from Lull's home than what the killer left with. Lull had been chief of nuclear medicine at San Francisco General Hospital since 1990 and served as a radiology professor at UCSF. He was past president of the American College of Nuclear Physicians and the San Francisco Medical Society and served as editor of the medical society's journal, San Francisco Medicine, from 1997 to 1999. Lee Lull said her former husband was a proponent of nuclear power and loved to debate his political positions with others.

#77: Todd Kauppila, age 41. Died: May 8, 2005 of hemorrhagic pancreatitis at the Los Alamos hospital, according to the state medical examiner's office. Picture of him was not available to due secret nature of his work. This is his funeral picture. His death came two days after Kauppila publicly rejoiced over news that the lab's director was leaving. Kauppila was fired by director Pete Nanos on Sept. 23, 2004 following a security scandal. Kauppila said he was fired because he did not immediately return from a family vacation during a lab investigation into two classified computer disks that were thought to be missing. The apparent security breach forced Nanos to shut down the lab for several weeks. Kauppila claimed he was made a scapegoat over the disks, which investigators concluded never existed. The mistake was blamed on a clerical error. After he was fired, Kauppila accepted a job as a contractor at Bechtel Nevada Corp., a research company that works with Los Alamos and other national laboratories. He was also working on a new Scatter Reduction Grids in Megavolt Radiography focused on metal plates or crossed grids to act to stop the scattered radiation while allowing the unscattered or direct rays to pass through with other scientists: Scott Watson (LANL, DX-3), Chuck Lebeda (LANL, XTA), Alan Tubb (LANL, DX-8), and Mike Appleby (Tecomet Thermo Electron Corp.)

#76: David Banks, age 55. Died: May 8, 2005. Banks, based in North Queensland, died in an airplane crash, along with 14 others. He was known as an Agro Genius inventing the mosquito trap used for cattle. Banks was the principal scientist with quarantine authority, Biosecurity Australia, and heavily involved in protecting Australians from unwanted diseases and pests. Most of Dr Banks' work involved preventing potentially devastating diseases making their way into Australia. He had been through Indonesia looking at the potential for foot and mouth disease to spread through the archipelago and into Australia. Other diseases he had fought to keep out of Australian livestock herds and fruit orchards include classical swine fever, Nipah virus and Japanese encephalitis.

#75: Dr. Douglas James Passaro, age 43. Died April 18, 2005 from unknown cause in Oak Park, Illinois. Dr. Passaro was a brilliant epidemiologist who wanted to unlock the secrets of a spiral-shaped bacteria that causes stomach disease. He was a professor who challenged his students with real-life exercises in bioterrorism. He was married to Dr. Sherry Nordstrom..

#74: Geetha Angara, age 43. Died: February 8, 2005. This formerly missing chemist was found in a Totowa, New Jersey water treatment plant's tank. Angara, 43, of Holmdel, was last seen on the night of Feb. 8 doing water quality tests at the Passaic Valley Water Commission plant in Totowa, where she worked for 12 years. Divers found her body in a 35-foot-deep sump opening at the bottom of one of the emptied tanks. Investigators are treating Angara's death as a possible homicide. Angara, a senior chemist with a doctorate from New York University, was married and mother of three.

#73: Jeong H. Im, age 72. Died: January 7, 2005. Korean Jeong H. Im, died of multiple stab wounds to the chest before firefighters found in his body in the trunk of a burning car on the third level of the Maryland Avenue Garage. A retired research assistant professor at the University of Missouri - Columbia and primarily a protein chemist, MUPD with the assistance of the Columbia Police Department and Columbia Fire Department are conducting a death investigation of the incident. A "person of interest" described as a male 6'–6'2" wearing some type of mask possible a painters mask or drywall type mask was seen in the area of the Maryland Avenue Garage. Dr. Im was primarily a protein chemist and he was a researcher in the field.

Died in 2004

#72: Darwin Kenneth Vest, born April 22, 1951, was an internationally renowned entomologist, expert on hobo spiders and other poisonous spiders and snakes. Darwin disappeared in the early morning hours of June 3, 1999 while walking in downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho (USA). The family believes foul play was involved in his disappearance. A celebration of Darwin's life was held in Idaho Falls and Moscow on the one-year anniversary of his disappearance. The services included displays of Darwin's work and thank you letters from school children and teachers. Memories of Darwin were shared by at least a dozen speakers from around the world and concluded with the placing of roses and a memorial wreath in the Snake River. A candlelight vigil was also held that evening on the banks of the Snake River.

Darwin was declared legally dead the first week of March 2004 and now the family is in the process of obtaining restraining orders against several companies who saw fit to use his name and photos without permission. His brother David is legal conservator of the estate and his sister Rebecca is handling issues related to Eagle Rock Research and ongoing research projects.

Media help in locating Darwin is welcome. Continuing efforts to solve this mystery include recent DNA sampling. Stories about his disappearance continue to appear throughout the world. Issues surrounding missing adult investigations have received new attention following the tragedies of 911.

#s70-71: Tom Thorne, age 64; Beth Williams, age 53; Died: December 29, 2004. Two wild life scientists, Husband-and-wife wildlife veterinarians who were nationally prominent experts on chronic wasting disease and brucellosis were killed in a snowy-weather crash on U.S. 287 in northern Colorado.

#69: Taleb Ibrahim al-Daher. Died: December 21, 2004. Iraqi nuclear scientist was shot dead north of Baghdad by unknown gunmen. He was on his way to work at Diyala University when armed men opened fire on his car as it was crossing a bridge in Baqouba, 57 km northeast of Baghdad. The vehicle swerved off the bridge and fell into the Khrisan river. Al-Daher, who was a professor at the local university, was removed from the submerged car and rushed to Baqouba hospital where he was pronounced dead.

#68: John R. La Montagne, age 61. Died: November 2, 2004. Died while in Mexico, no cause stated, later disclosed as pulmonary embolism. PhD, Head of US Infectious Diseases unit under Tommie Thompson. Was NIAID Deputy Director. Expert in AIDS Program work and Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

#67: Matthew Allison, age 32. Died: October 13, 2004. Fatal explosion of a car parked at an Osceola County, Fla., Wal-Mart store. It was no accident, Local 6 News has learned. Found inside a burned car. Witnesses said the man left the store at about 11 p.m. and entered his Ford Taurus car when it exploded. Investigators said they found a Duraflame log and propane canisters on the front passenger's seat. Allison had a college degree in molecular biology and biotechnology.

#66: Mohammed Toki Hussein al-Talakani, age 40. Died: September 5, 2004: Iraqi nuclear scientist was shot dead in Mahmudiya, south of Baghdad. He was a practicing nuclear physicist since 1984.

#65: Professor John Clark, Age 52, Died: August 12, 2004. Found hanged in his holiday home. An expert in animal science and biotechnology where he developed techniques for the genetic modification of livestock; this work paved the way for the birth, in 1996, of Dolly the sheep, the first animal to have been cloned from an adult. Head of the science lab which created Dolly the sheep. Prof Clark led the Roslin Institute in Midlothian, one of the world s leading animal biotechnology research centers. He played a crucial role in creating the transgenic sheep that earned the institute worldwide fame. He was put in charge of a project to produce human proteins (which could be used in the treatment of human diseases) in sheep's milk. Clark and his team focused their study on the production of the alpha-I-antitryps in protein, which is used for treatment of cystic fibrosis. Prof Clark also founded three spin-out firms from Roslin - PPL Therapeutics, Rosgen and Roslin BioMed.

#64: Dr. John Badwey, age 54. Died: July 21, 2004. Scientist and accidental politician when he opposed disposal of sewage waste program of exposing humans to sludge. Suddenly developed pneumonia like symptoms then died in two weeks. Biochemist at Harvard Medical School specializing in infectious diseases.

#63: Dr. Bassem al-Mudares. Died: July 21, 2004. Mutilated body was found in the city of Samarra, Iraq*. He was a Phd. chemist and had been tortured before being killed. He was a drug company worker who had a chemistry doctorate.

#62: Professor Stephen Tabet, age 42. Died on July 6, 2004 from an unknown illness. He was an associate professor and epidemiologist at the University of Washington. A world-renowned HIV doctor and researcher who worked with HIV patients in a vaccine clinical trial for the HIV Vaccine Trials Network

#61: Dr. Larry Bustard, age 53. Died July 2, 2004 from unknown causes. He was a Sandia scientist in the Department of Energy who helped develop a foam spray to clean up congressional buildings and media sites during the anthrax scare in 2001. He worked at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque. As an expert in bioterrorism, his team came up with a new technology used against biological and chemical agents.

#60: Edward Hoffman, age 62. Died July 1, 2004 from unknown causes. Hoffman was a professor and a scientist who also held leadership positions within the UCLA medical community. He worked to develop the first human PET scanner in 1973 at Washington University in St. Louis.

#59: John Mullen, age 67. Died: June 29, 2004. A Nuclear physicist poisoned with a huge dose of arsenic. A nuclear research scientist with McDonnell Douglas. Police investigating will not say how Mullen was exposed to the arsenic or where it came from. At the time of his death he was doing contract work for Boeing.

#58: Dr. Paul Norman, age 52. Died: June 27, 2004. From Salisbury Wiltshire. Killed when the single-engine Cessna 206 he was piloting crashed in Devon. Expert in chemical and biological weapons. He traveled the world lecturing on defending against the scourge of weapons of mass destruction. He was married with a 14-year-old son and a 20-year-old daughter, and was the chief scientist for chemical and biological defense at the Ministry of Defense's laboratory at Porton Down, Wiltshire. The crash site was examined by officials from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch and the wreckage of the aircraft was removed from the site to the AAIB base at Farnborough.

#57: Dr. Assefa Tulu, age 45. Died: June 24, 2004. Dr. Tulu joined the health department in 1997 and served for five years as the county's lone epidemiologist. He was charged with trackcing the health of the county, including the spread of diseases, such as syphilis, AIDS and measles. He also designed a system for detecting a bioterrorism attack involving viruses or bacterial agents. Tulu often coordinated efforts to address major health concerns in Dallas County, such as the West Nile virus outbreaks of the past few years, and worked with the media to inform the public. Found face down, dead in his office. The Dallas County Epidemiologist died of a hemorrhagic stroke.

#56: Thomas Gold, age 84. Died: June 22, 2004. Austrian born Thomas Gold famous over the years for a variety of bold theories that flout conventional wisdom and reported in his 1998 book, "The Deep Hot Biosphere," the idea challenges the accepted wisdom of how oil and natural gas are formed and, along the way, proposes a new theory of the beginnings of life on Earth and potentially on other planets. Long term battle with heart failure. Gold's theory of the deep hot biosphere holds important ramifications for the possibility of life on other planets, including seemingly inhospitable planets within our own solar system. He was Professor Emeritus of Astronomy at Cornell University and was the founder (and for 20 years director) of Cornell Center for Radiophysics and Space Research. He was also involved in air accident investigations.

#55: Antonina Presnyakova, age 46. Died: May 25, 2004. A Russian scientist at a former Soviet biological weapons laboratory in Siberia died after an accident with a needle laced with ebola. Scientists and officials said the accident had raised concerns about safety and secrecy at the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology, known as Vector, which in Soviet times specialized in turning deadly viruses into biological weapons. Vector has been a leading recipient of aid in an American program.

#54: Dr. Eugene Mallove, age 56. Died: May 14, 2004. Autopsy confirmed Mallove died as a result of several blunt-force injuries to his head and neck. Ruled as murder. Found at the end of his driveway. Alt. Energy Expert who was working on viable energy alternative program and announcement. Norwich Free Academy graduate.Beaten to death during an alleged robbery. Mallove was well respected for his knowledge of cold fusion. He had just published an "open letter" outlining the results of and reasons for his last 15 years in the field of "new energy research." Dr. Mallove was convinced it was only a matter of months before the world would actually see a free energy device.

#53: William T. McGuire, age 39. Found May 5, 2004, last seen late April 2004. Body found in three suitcases floating in Chesapeake Bay. He was NJ University Professor and Senior programmer analyst and adjunct professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark. He emerged as one of the world's leading microbiologists and an expert in developing and overseeing multiple levels of biocontainment facilities.

#52: Ilsley Ingram, age 84. Died on April 12, 2004 from unknown causes. Ingram was Director of the Supraregional Haemophilia Reference Centre and the Supraregional Centre for the Diagnosis of Bleeding Disorders at the St. Thomas Hospital in London. Although his age is most likely the reason for his death, why wasn't this confirmed by the family in the news media?

#51: Mohammed Munim al-Izmerly, Died: April 2004. This distinguished Iraqi chemistry professor died in American custody from a sudden hit to the back of his head caused by blunt trauma. It was uncertain exactly how he died, but someone had hit him from behind, possibly with a bar or a pistol. His battered corpse turned up at Baghdad's morgue and the cause of death was initially recorded as "brainstem compression". It was discovered that US doctors had made a 20cm incision in his skull.

#50: Vadake Srinivasan, Died: March 13, 2004. Microbiologist crashed car into guard rail in Baton Rouge, LA. Death was ruled a stroke. He was originally from India, was one of the most-accomplished and respected industrial biologists in academia, and held two doctorate degrees.

#49: Dr. Michael Patrick Kiley, age 62. Died: January 24, 2004. Died of massive heart attack. Ebola, Mad Cow Expert, top of the line world class. It is interesting to note, he had a good heart, but it "gave out". Dr. Shope and Dr. Kiley were working on the lab upgrade to BSL 4 at the UTMB Galvaston lab for Homeland Security. The lab would have to be secure to house some of the deadliest pathogens of tropical and emerging infectious disease as well as bioweaponized ones.

#48: LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01 Robert Shope, age 74. Died: January 23, 2004. Virus Expert Who Warned of Epidemics, Dies died of lung transplant complications. Later purported to have died of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis which can be caused by either environmental stimulus or a VIRUS. It would not be hard to administer a drug that would cause Dr. Shope's lung transplant to either be rejected or to cause complications from the transplant. Dr. Shope led the group of scientists who had an 11 MILLION dollar fed grant to ensure the new lab would keep in the nasty bugs. Dr. Shope also met with and worked with Dr. Mike Kiley on the UTMB Galveston lab upgrade to BSL 4. When the upgrade would be complete the lab will host the most hazardous pathogens known to man especially tropical and emerging diseases as well as bioweapons.

#47: Dr Richard Stevens, age 54. Died: January 6, 2004. He had disappeared after arriving for work on 21 July, 2003. A doctor whose disappearance sparked a national manhunt, killed himself because he could not cope with the stress of a secret affair, a coroner has ruled. He was a hematologist. (hematologists analyze the cellular composition of blood and blood producing tissues e.g. bone marrow).
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 23:17, 20 replies)
I should know, i've been there and that neil armstrong's nowhere to be found.
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 22:12, Reply)
A conspiracy?
Is it a conspiracy that my guilty pleasure is posting answers to questions 2 years and 1 day late?
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 21:43, Reply)
The Berkshire UFO conspiracy
I had a pal who was utterly convinced that not only were UFOs real, but they were attempting to contact him through his dreams with news of a great universal brotherhood, or other such rubbish.

That, my friends, is what you get if you read too much.

I was also a geek and a nerd and had no truck with this UFO nonsense and decided to prove to him that he was talking rubbish.

I cut out a saucer-shape from a cereal packet, stuck it onto a window with blu-tac and photographed it through the net curtains.

Uber-geek that I was, I scuttled off to the school dark-room and deliberately over-exposed the prints. Result: Convincing-looking UFO pics that I knew to be fake.

The next day, I presented them to Gaz, and to say he was mightily impressed was an understatement. He questioned me at length over how I came to take these pics, and I held on to my lie quite convincingly, even going as far as allowing him to take them home "for further investigation".

This is how, I presume, they ended up in the following day's edition of the Evening Post, with a shrieking headline about UFOs over Berkshire, and how Gaz came to be fifty quid better off as a result.

It's a bloody conspiracy, I tell you.
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 19:37, 2 replies)
Alan Watt:
Alex Jones, with a beard

the website kind of speaks for itself
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 19:34, 1 reply)

(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 16:52, 21 replies)
H From Steps
I always had a theory that H sang every part of the songs released by Steps. All singing the different harmonies and octaves.

He was a talented boy who could sing the entire range.. sometimes sounding like a girl when he did it. But the industry couldn't just let him sing. He'd be a laughing stock. The record company thought people wouldn't like it.

So, they got three girls and another boy to stand around. They called this group "Steps", and it explains why Steps mimed all their concerts.

But then, Steps split up. Again, they want to make money.. but the company feels that the world can't handle H singing like a girl again.. so they got Claire from the old band to stand next to him and mime again. Thus, "H and Claire".

You may point out any holes in this theory. You will find there are none.
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 16:35, 6 replies)
There are no conspiracies
There are no conspiracies
There are no conspiracies
There are no conspiracies

(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 16:27, 13 replies)
Slightly off topic but -
I have to deal with conspiracy theorists everyday, ranging from 9/11, Illuminati, The Federal Reserve, Obama, A4V, Big Oil, Big Media, Big Pharma, big tobacco big orange juice etc.

A Few Incoherent rambling points:

1) Most conspiritards use the 'wake up sheeple' 'ignorant bliss' 'blind to the truth' etc, after you disagree with a poorly written webpage with no evidence that just doesn't make sense. The hilarious thing is most of these tools sucker down everything anyone like alex jones / any other random webpage yet claim that anything that doesn't agree with them is been forced down your throat by the government and mass media - Hypocrites.

2) I love debating but you can't get through to these people, blindly ignorant to facts that they don't want to believe

3) The whole 'Use our previous unproved points as evidence in new ones'

4) Surely the burdon of proof is on whoever is challenging a claim? example, If I don't agree with something, its up to me to challenge it rather than saying 'I say its fucked, you prove that its not and until then its true'

Edit: Could've worded that better ^, I meant the onus is on the conspiracy people to prove

5) Alex jones is a tool, but hes a very very clever one. Disable adblock on infowars and cry about how you didnt think of this idea before: 47 adverts / referall links on one site. and check out the advertisements page

" Forms of advertising we offer:
Custom web banners on our family of popular website
Personal endorsements by Alex Jones LIVE on the radio show
Long Form Sponsor Interviews "

5.5) cant show this now as it's gone, but a few week ago on infowars something along the lines off 'Our advertising offers well place text links that are indistinguishable from news stories'. - nice, that does loads for his credibility, also, the main link on his website was to www.cancertruth.net/
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 16:25, 6 replies)
Sometimes I wonder if the Matrix is real
and we're all not really here. Is this really steak that Im eating? It makes me go into a daze for days on end and nothing and no one can stop me from being catatonic and just sitting round drooling. I've got an important job too, but when I get like this I just disappear and nobody can get hold of me until I pull myself together.

Yours sincerely,

Gordon Brown
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 16:17, Reply)
hidden in plain sight
Here in Dublin there is a large shopping centre in a place called Dundrum. The easiest way to get there is by the Light Rail system, which is called the LUAS.

There is quite an impressive bridge just where the LUAS stops.

According to this video www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj-2ns-I7kQ, this is all occult symbolism, linked to the Masons.
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 14:38, 5 replies)
I don't really believe in conspiracies, but sometimes you have to wonder...
Not a personal nutter I know, but has anyone else here seen the murals and the like from Denver International Airport? You have to wonder if there's someone in power who just really, really, really likes winding conspiracists up.

First off, there's the general layout of the runways/buildings, which are... kind of... erm... remind you of anything from the late 1930s/early 1940s?

There's the time capsule, buried under a stone with a masonic symbol on.

Then there are the four walls of the mural. I'm going to use Anamolies Unlimited's names for the walls below, the official description of the whole mural is "Children of the world dream of peace in "Peace and Harmony with Nature"". Heartily recommend you go to the site and read the rest they have on this. I've re-hosted the pictures so as not to leach off them, but there are a lot of more detailed pictures on their site. Bear in mind these are in the middle of an airport, especially the second one.

The Dead Women In Coffins Mural
Three dead women, a burning city, devastation, etc.

The Dead Babies and General Skeletor Mural
'Slightly' Nazi looking stormtrooper, destroyed church, women holding dead babies, etc. Oh, and a poem written by a child who died at Aushwitz in the bottom right. This one and the fourth one have been painted over now, but all the Denver Airport stuff describes the remaining two as a 'diptych'.

Happy Happy Joy Joy
German kid with a huge arm smashing up guns into plowshares. Asian kid is the only one facing away.

Jesus and the Holy Thingamabob
'Jesus', someone in 'concentration camp' uniform, weird things under the earth, leopards with human faces, deformed people, asians facing the wrong way, etc, etc.

You can read the full bit about the airport here. Including stuff about the hidden budget overspend, the underground base, the tunnels big enough for trucks underneath, the massive over-size fuel storage, capacity three times what is used, the sonics that play havoc with people, underground buildings that were sealed up as they were 'built wrong', the way it replaced an airport with more gates and runways in a less windy area, that they shifted a 1/3 of the volume of earth shifted in the construction of the Panama Canal, etc, etc. It's pretty much a balance between how much you believe government incompetence/pork, and how much you believe conspiracy theories.
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 14:22, 7 replies)
Que?'s post just reminded me

I loved the whole Y2K thing. I was paid £2000 to sit in the office from midnight till 7am (taking over from the previous shift).
I was absolutely shit faced when i got there and then spent the next seven hours drinking bubbly with my mates and doing lines of coke.
We already knew there was no way the world was going to end and it turned out to be the easiest money I'd ever earned.

Wish we could have it again :-/
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 14:01, 4 replies)
Anyone mentioned Nostradamus yet?
Not a conspiracy theory but you always hear about the world ending or some cataclysmic event that was predicted by the 'great man' himself.

Sometimes you are better off not thinking too much about things as unless it's against you directly does it really matter?
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 12:49, 2 replies)
Bloke I used to work with
He was a stereotypical conspiracy theorist (it's a conspiracy that they're all as loopy as each other). He used to believe everything he read on teh internet, about all those bizarre conspiracies (and even sent me a 60-page document outlining them), but wouldn't believe a single word anybody told him about fact-related subjects. Also, he was a religious nut who thought there was no evidence to support evolution, and picked his nose (and ate the resulting nasal debris).

So to summarise, conspiracy theorists are in collusion with each other, and have their own secret club called "the church".
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 12:40, Reply)
Then I saw her face,
Now I'm a believer.

It's a song about Margaret Thatcher and her hypno eyes!!!1

I'm not paranoid, they really are out to get me.
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 12:07, 1 reply)
No conflicts of interest declared...
In my line of work, you can encounter a lot of conspiracy theorists who think nothing of ruining my evening and causing my arteries to clang shut by invoking the classic…

“But hasn’t the Pharmaceutical Industry got cures for pretty much all diseases these days; they just choose to suppress them as they make more money from people being sick. That’s why they’re so against alternative medicine; it can cure people cheaply and cut into their massive profits.”


To which my short answer is,


My long answer is, however;

No. It takes on average $900 million to develop a single drug. Think about it. $900 million. That’s an amount of money that even Bill Gates would have trouble finding down the back of the sofa on a regular basis. Of the drugs that get out of pre-clinical testing, 70% will fail at Phase 1 trial stage. One of the reasons that drug discovery is so expensive is that (apart from the fact that it’s difficult), the pharmaceutical industry is so heavily regulated.

Now I’m not defending Big Pharma. Far from it. Frankly, they’re a bunch of cunts. Their price fixing and handling of off-patent drugs in the 3rd world is criminal, they aren’t always transparent with their methods and data and when they fuck up, people die. But they exist to make money and if, for example, 1 in 3 people in the Western world will get cancer in their lifetime do you not think that they would exploit a cure, any cure and have us over a barrel to make money from it? Not to mention the kudos, the plaudits, the Nobel Prizes that any scientist would receive if they managed to cure the potentially incurable? The idea that they would regularly piss away close to a billion dollars while sitting on possibly one of the most lucrative ideas of all time is laughable. The there's the sheer number of people, in the thousands, they would have to pay to slap gagging orders on.

Furthermore, the failings of Big Pharma do not in any way vindicate the tofu weaving approaches of untested, unproven and unregulated alternative treatments. Of course they’re going to appear cheaper, they don’t have to be rigorously tested, they can get around all current licensing because they’re NOT MEDICINE.

And if I have to listen once more to some patchouli oil wearing twig muncher bleat on about harmful chemicals or ancient Chinese meridians or the memory of water, whilst ignoring the 50 billion dollars that the spurious nutritional supplement industry generates each year then I’m going to take my copy of Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science and ram it in their gaping maw. Then let’s see how well reiki works in getting their circulation going again, shall we?

I’m lucky enough to live in a country that gives me a choice; I have free healthcare (no matter how much it needs an over haul); I can buy all manner of magic sugar pills to help me convince myself I feel better. I can even listen to a pinched faced harridan with a degree in Unicorn Science from the University of Fabricationsville tell me that eating pine cones will help me live till I’m 205, but the second this type of magical thinking extends to using people in the 3rd world suffering from HIV, TB and malaria as guinea pigs for their Fisher Price “my first alternative therapist” play set, then, as you may be able to tell, I get angry.

Ideally I’d like to see the Pfizers and GlaxosmithKlines of this world act like they have a social responsibility. It’s unlikely to happen. But what I’d really like is for those well meaning, but ultimately deluded individuals who would have us all back in the Dark Ages to shut the fuck up, or get a fucking science degree. And leave me the hell alone when I’m trying to kick back and have a beer.

*awaits knock on door from secret cabal of lizard overlord vitamin salesmen*
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 11:33, 34 replies)
The government are testing new psycho-depressive suicide beams, emitted through our TVs at prime-time in an effort to lower the population and keep the public docile…

It’s the only logical explanation why five minutes of the X-Factor makes me want to gouge out my own eyeballs and shove them up my arse.
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 11:16, 7 replies)
the highways agency are in cahoots with the manafacturers of shock absorbers, and that's why they put speedbumps everywhere.

Who knew?
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 10:37, Reply)
One time a bloke I used to work with and I had to fly out to Berlin for a spot of tidy-up work after a business deal went a bit poo. The shit had not only metaphorically hit the fan, but had also covered the ceiling and floor, the table the fan was on, the wall behind the fan, and the small trembling orphan child who had just (metaphorically speaking again) switched the fan on. And working for a company that wasn’t into orphan skat encounters of any kind, the two of us were sent over to, metaphorically, suck some German cock (though after a few Jagermeisters this may actually have become a very distinct real posibility) and make all the badness go away.

He was a very normal bloke, Jeff. From Harrow. Nice fella. That was until we got onto the 737.

That’s when Jeff turned round and said, very calmly, “Dunno how I’m gonna do this – I need to stay awake through the flight and I’m knackered.” It was a very early flight, we’d both been up since 3am and I for one was planning on getting a little snooze in before we touched down in the land of punctuality, good saloon cars, and excellent woman-on-woman porn. I asked Jeff why he had to stay awake, I advised him I was going to get a bit of shut eye and he should do the same. Then Jeff said, without batting an eyelid: “If I fall asleep we’ll crash.” My first response was to say: are you shitting me? But instead I raised my eyebrows very slightly, as if beckoning Jeff to expand on his rather peculiar statement, and he did: “I’ve never ever slept on a plane. But I know, I just KNOW that if I do sleep, if I’m not concentrating on the plane not falling out of the sky, we’ll crash...”

“Jeff, that’s... I mean... How... Are you shitting me???”

Then Jeff qualified his statement with some pure logic, something that I really had no argument for: “All the times I’ve flown I’ve kept awake. Always,” and then came the clincher. “And not once have I crashed.” He even sat back with a smug little grin on his face. I was tired and a little bit scared – Jeff, who seemed so normal, was actually a bit of a fucking lunatic. So I waited until we were in the air and then had a bit of a snooze. Everyone else on the flight who wasn’t mental was doing the same. Which left Jeff who sat there bolt upright trying to keep his eyes open.

The flight went quiet as the assembled contents of the cabin had a bit of kip. Its always nice sleeping on public transport, I find. Well, its always nice to sleep with a load of strangers. After twenty minutes or so enjoying a lovely dream about talking pimp otters who found a packet of McVities chocolate biscuits the size of a bus, and the naked otter queen who was actually my old Humanities teacher who wanted to give me a giant chocolate biscuit in return for jangling my love spuds, I was awoken by: “AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!! WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!” Or words to that effect. Jeff, it turns out, had momentarily nodded off only to shock himself back into the world of the living with this cheery little quip.

The whole flight collectively shat itself. Then the whole flight grumbled and decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to try and sleep. There was the occasional but very audible: “Wanker,” in a Geordie accent from further behind us as the hubub of annoied talking ebbed and flowed and bounced off the cabin walls.

As I waited for the drinks trolly so I could order a cup of steaming hot mud (also known as Ryanair coffee) in an attempt to wake up properly, I felt an insistent tap on my shoulder. I turned to Jeff, who had a great big stupid shit-eating grin on his face: “That was fucking close wasn’t it?” He said.

Wanker, I thought...
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 10:29, 7 replies)
Hills and sleeping- policemen
Ex-girlfriend and I walk up a big hill in Wales and find a dead lotherio policeman who'd investigated rendition flights...

The wonderful world of the internet proclaims us part of some global conspiracy, CIA agents and many other wonderful things...

Reality proclaims us crappy and fairly easily lost wanderers stupid enough to walk up a hill in freezing cold weather and who call the police because we found a bag and some booze at the top of a hill...

(I'd have left it all and come back down...)

In reality bloody police made us wait up the hill for hours for them to come and get the guy...

Internet claims we were flown out in a blaze of glory and taken away by a bunch of men in black glasses and suits...

Reality states we were taken to a cubs hut by a bunch of policemen from Wales who flirted with my ex and told me I was an idiot for walking up the hill...

a few reasons why the internet and conspiracy theories are better than my reality... (I want to be a part of a conspiracy able to assasinate and be flown around by the men in black... sadly reality is dictating otherwise...)

Curse you reality...

Long time hanger around... first time I had anything to say...

*edit - one last thing* also glad newspapers were distracted by my ex and therefore only put her names in the paper whilst I hid and smoked cigarettes... therefore hiding myself from the world of conspiracy theorists... the reality of dealing with them probably wouldn't be so much fun as I am yet to get the black glasses, flights and ability to kill with impunity. darn
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 10:16, Reply)
The Man with the Names
He has a little caravan that he sets up in the Ironmarket, selling batteries, fixing watch straps, and so on. I'd heard the stories - stories about how he'd come to the UK as a child having survived the death-camps; about how he was actually a chartered accountant; about how he was, frankly, dangerous; about how he was a bit touché; and about how he had an extraordinary name. The last of these I know to be true, and it leads me to believe the next-to-last.

I was sitting in the waiting-room to see the doctor when he walked in.
He asked to make an appointment. The receptionist asked him if he was registered there. He said he was.
"What's the name, please?"
He gave a pretty normal name. Not English, but normal.
The receptionist had a quick look. "There's nothing coming up here under that name..."
"Ah, yes," he said. "I'm sorry. I forgot to say: I changed my name by deed poll, so it might be that your records have my other name. I wasn't sure whether I'd updated everything..."

The receptionist gave him a get-on-with-it look. "So what's the name I should be looking for?"
"Yes. Well, the surname is Staffordshirepolicecorruption. The first name is Campaigntoexpose."

See? The last rumour seems to be true, and it lends credence to the one before it.
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 9:10, Reply)
Just a conspiracy theory innit!

Like many others of the day, I was busy not partying when it was New Years Eve 1999.

An entire army of us, IT contractors from all over the world and our local counterparts, were sweating bullets as the seconds ticked by. All of us hoping, crossing fingers, turning blue, and willing to offer our souls to any kindly passing deity with a single prayer "Please please please ... don't fail!"

We had double/triple/quadruple checked everything. We had broken our brains with all the possible permutations of what might possibly go wrong. And no one was absolutely sure that nothing would go wrong.

The potential for UTTER DISASTER was HUGE! But thanks to the efforts of said IT army, it passed off rather well really.

So a few weeks later, I'm sitting on a bus when some stupid mouth breathing chav starts loudly declaring the whole thing was a massive conspiracy theory and a bloody huge waste of tax payers money.

I could've decked him. In fact Common Sense barely prevailed over the fact that I was only half his size. Eejit.
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 7:52, 3 replies)
the jews will do anything to make a buck even if it means cutting off dragon's dicks and selling them to eskimos
thats how the illuminati happened

they own the world
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 6:11, 1 reply)
Mike Corley
From ED: 'As described in his website, Corley believes that the British internal security service, MI5, has a bullying campaign against him as a psychological experiment. He believes that this is mainly conducted through the British TV and radio media in which any use of the word 'mad' or similar is a direct reference to him. He has offered a £20,000 sterling reward for information directly leading to exposing what he calls the "BBC Newscaster Conspiracy", that BBC newscasters are able to watch him via a hidden camera in his TV set. He also believes that his office, home and friends' homes are bugged. Corley freely admits to having suffered from paranoia and having been treated for mental illness, but he therefore considers that he is best placed to know what madness feels like and is confident that the conspiracy is not part of it.'

Famous for spamming all over Usenet about the above. There's even a fecking opera about it: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Corley_Conspiracy
(, Tue 1 Sep 2009, 0:22, 1 reply)
This one's real, it's no secret and it makes money
Sell religious scientific illiterates the idea that evolution, a major leg of biology is somehow anti-religious. Always be sure to misrepresent it. Set up museums, web sites, books and magazines promoting the idea. These do not take a lot of work, you can recycle nonsense refuted by scientists 100 years ago and the suckers will not know.

Feed the farrago of lies, misdirection, rotten argument and selected quotes from unwary scientists to anyone who will listen.

Potential "community leaders" will voluntarily go into personal debt to set up "Christian" schools and evangelical churches. After they have reached a satifactory level of scriptural knowledge and ability to parrot your drivel, they can become pastors. If their personal magnetism is enough to obtain a following, their small organisation can build a "Cathedral of Praise", preferably in provincial towns and the suburban outskirts of larger cities. With volunteers acting as promoters attempting to save the souls of immigrants, teenagers, the under-educated and other vulnerable people you can increase the following in a few years.

The followers may tithe. That is, donate up to 10% of their income. From this the pastor obtains his income and serves the mortgage on the buildings and land, which is often his personal property. Banks and other credit agencies regard this as a good risk, even if the pastor has to work two jobs for a while to make the payments.

The pastor also feeds some of his congregation's money to your organisation in return for the "latest information" that "disproves evolution". You don't care which sect he claims to belong to, just as long as he pays. Naturally you also solicit direct donations from the faithful.

Does this make money? Ask Ken Ham.
(, Mon 31 Aug 2009, 23:44, 2 replies)
The b3ta conspiracy
it takes over your mind.

Yesterday I had a posh new phone for my birthday. Today, while cleaning up after the cat, I noticed a poo in the shape of a classic cock'n'balls.

Oooh, I thought, a cock'n'balls, out of nowhere, what're the chances?

Had to stop, find new phone, work out how to use the camera and photograph it.

Might be the first photo I upload from it, indeed.
(, Mon 31 Aug 2009, 23:36, 2 replies)
The MX
As a child, I was disinclined to believe in anything but science, but I was surrounded by family and friends that believed in all sorts of miracles.

One day, I thought I caught a glimpse an old man, who quickly vanished behind a garage. He looked distinctly evil, very much like Freddy Krueger in “A Nightmare On Elm Street.”

Puzzled, I told my friends about the man, which they quickly understood to be a portent of evil. We even invented a label for him: “MX”, for Mysterious (M) Unknown (X).

Around the neighborhood, over the next few weeks, reports began to trickle in. Various kids *thought* they had seen *things*. We found mysterious three-toed footprints, as if from ostriches or dinosaurs, and after awhile, we even fancied ourselves MX footprint experts: here, the MX walked aimlessly, here he loped, and here he sprinted. Kids claimed to have caught glimpses of mysterious creatures, which they quickly labeled the MX, even though descriptions often varied radically, sometimes even being feminine. I hadn’t seen the MX more than once, but some kids claimed to have seen him a dozen times, or more. Then came the calamity.

In a neighborhood warehouse, an electrician had stored piles of newspaper to recycle back into insulation, plus a large number of hard-plastic screens used to cover ceiling fluorescent light installations. One day, a breathless kid bicycled up shouting “Quick! The MX broke all the screens in the warehouse!” We came running, and sure enough, there was shattered plastic everywhere. The electrician was livid. He blamed us kids. But all the kids said it was the MX. Who was telling the truth?

Actually, as the local science aficionado, I had the tools at hand to establish our innocence. Six months prior, as part of a science book club subscription, I had secured a fingerprint test kit, and had fingerprint records of all the kids in the neighborhood. I quickly went to work to absolve the neighborhood kids from the false accusation.

There was just one problem: everywhere I dusted, the fingerprints of one kid kept appearing. I confronted him, in private, but he stoutly denied any wrongdoing. After all, hadn’t the MX been recently spotted near the warehouse? And he was right, of course.

Even today, I just know that the MX lies behind all our problems.
(, Mon 31 Aug 2009, 23:28, 1 reply)
So where's The Goat when you need him
(, Mon 31 Aug 2009, 23:04, 3 replies)

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