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I've had guns pointed at me in many different countries, sometimes even by our own side. I've also sat on my own on a beach on a desert island, which was nice because nobody was trying to shoot me. Tell us your tales of foreign travel.

Thanks to SnowytheRabbit for the suggestion

(, Thu 18 Apr 2013, 17:43)
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Fake Irish pubs
Went to Tunisia back in 2001, found the only english bar in the whole country. Also, in the airport on the way home there was an Irish bar, 'Great'i thought, Pint of guinness before flight home. NO. only alcohol served was local gnats piss lager, non alchoholic Stella, or local red wine. Had a diet coke.
(, Sun 21 Apr 2013, 20:52, 7 replies)

(, Sun 21 Apr 2013, 22:10, closed)

Is your caps lock button stuck down with your spunk again?
(, Sun 21 Apr 2013, 23:11, closed)
I was hoping to find out what gnat's piss lager tastes like.

(, Sun 21 Apr 2013, 23:28, closed)
Whichever local brew your lot are currently exporting to idiot brits,
I would expect.
(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 9:30, closed)
Not as good as Guiness
by the sound of it.

I'm still breathless after reading the story mind you, I might be gushing a little there.
(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 9:58, closed)
this to win!

(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 8:36, closed)
Serves you right for going to a foreign country and expecting them to serve you the same stuff as at home.
I bet you go round wearing football shirts and have a Union Jack towel on holiday, don't you?

You sicken me.
(, Mon 22 Apr 2013, 15:15, closed)

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