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This is a question Twat Friends

BraynDedd tugs our sleeve and asks: "You know the one, the mate who is guaranteed to ruin every social situation by being an embarrassment/sexist/racist/bellend etc. Tell us about your twattiest mate."

(, Thu 19 Sep 2013, 10:50)
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Next time I meet an attractive student nurse I'll have to try out my 'strain face' on her, see if it works

(, Sat 21 Sep 2013, 14:00, 2 replies)
I think his actual chat-up routine began with a request for kitchen roll.
The man had some unfathomable celtic charm.
(, Sat 21 Sep 2013, 14:07, closed)
Alright darling, have you got any kitchen roll? Only I've just had to take a shit in the bin.

(, Sat 21 Sep 2013, 14:11, closed)
It was probably 'hen' or 'sweetheart' but other than that you're probably spot on.

(, Sat 21 Sep 2013, 14:20, closed)
There's something very wrong with the world,
although I do have to admire Gordon's balance.
(, Sat 21 Sep 2013, 15:16, closed)
There's plenty wrong with the world
but I'm not sure the moral laxity of student nurses is top of the list.
(, Sat 21 Sep 2013, 18:11, closed)
This reply wins everything for me
*can't stop giggling*
(, Tue 24 Sep 2013, 12:46, closed)

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