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This is a question Useless Information

Did you know that crabs wee through their eyes? That maidenhair moss is so called because Anglo-saxons thought it looked like pubes? That Albanians have 17 different words for moustache? Astound us with your utterly useless and obscure knowledge.

(, Thu 17 Mar 2005, 14:48)
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Racecar is the same forwards and backwards.
A dress made of rotting meat was displayed as a work of art in the National Gallery in Ottawa, Canada.

The middle name of President Harry Truman was simply the letter 'S.'

Coca-Cola used to contain cocaine.

Charlie Chaplin once lost a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest.

One of the women in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only used to be male.

Michael Jackson owns the rights to the Beatles' songs.

And finally, Van Halen's standard performance contract contained a provision calling for them to be provided with a bowl of M&Ms, but with all the brown candies removed.
(, Sat 19 Mar 2005, 21:48, Reply)

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