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This is a question Useless Information

Did you know that crabs wee through their eyes? That maidenhair moss is so called because Anglo-saxons thought it looked like pubes? That Albanians have 17 different words for moustache? Astound us with your utterly useless and obscure knowledge.

(, Thu 17 Mar 2005, 14:48)
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Did You Know.....
...that if you fill an empty coke bottle (the big'uns) full of water and put it on your lawn it will stop cats shitting in your garden.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 16:52, Reply)
An emperor penguin can be woken from slumber 20 times more easily by contact on the tops of its feet than its head.
It balances eggs on its feet (to incubate and protect from the nasty cold ice) and must presumably be alert to them falling off.

Also penguins are not only found in antartica but all the way north to the equator (the galapagos islands - though its pretty cold here anyway due to ocean currents).
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 16:49, Reply)
Whilst it is well known that...
Trebor Mints are a minty bit stronger, did you know that if you stick them up your bum, they will last a bit longer?
Tis true you know.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 16:03, Reply)
Only the 'ne' bit means 'isn't it?'. The desu part is the verb 'to be'.

"Tenki ga samuii desu" - The weather is cold

"Tenki ga samuii desu ne?" - The weather is cold, isn't it? \ The weather is cold, don't you think?

The part about them all coming from London is true though, whereas the Chinese come from Canton in Cardiff...

(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 15:56, Reply)
this QOTW
has prompted most replies

(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 15:41, Reply)
i never thought id have another chance to share this with people

did you know... that st. johns wood is the only station on the london underground that shares no letters of its name with the word mackeral?
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 15:39, Reply)
Slippery \Slip"per*y\, adj.: to possess one or more qualities of a slipper
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 15:22, Reply)
Time to end my lurking days...
Someone on here must have mentionned that the first computer bug was actually a moth.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 15:21, Reply)
did you know....
#1 This is the worst topic ever chosen for QOTW.

#2 Saying 100% FACT is stupid, because if it was only 99% FACT it wouldn't be a fact would it? *

* 83% FACT
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 15:17, Reply)
There is nothing wrong with having three nipples.

In fact it's normal for a human being to have three, you are all freaks of nature.

100% FACT
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 15:13, Reply)
My mate's uncle
Is a six foot seven astro-physics lecturer and he gets through at least 2 bottles of vodka a day, therefore proving that heavy drinking is both big AND clever.

(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 15:08, Reply)
Harry Ramsdens nephew is no other that Harry Corbett, founder of The Sooty Show.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 15:04, Reply)
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 14:57, Reply)
Bummers are deaf.

(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 14:56, Reply)
All Japanese people are from south London
They all end pretty much every sentence* with the words "desu ne" - often shortened to "desu" - which basically means "isn't it?" - "innit?"

* slight exaggeration
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 14:49, Reply)
more inane cack
The lightning that we see actually goes from the ground to the sky in what is known as the "return stroke" at 1/3 the speed of light. We can't see the initial "stepped leader" that passes from the sky to the ground.

From space, the brightest man-made place is Las Vegas, Nevada

A South Korean movie theater owner decided that the movie The Sound of Music was too long. His solution? He shortened the movie by cutting out all of the musical scenes!

The five most stolen items in a US drugstore are batteries, cosmetics, film, sunglasses, and, get this, Preparation H. Apparently people are just too embarrassed to purchase the last item. And, just in case you are curious, one of Preparation H's main ingredient is shark liver oil. The oil not only helps shrink hemorrhoids, but will shrink any tissue. As a result, many older women in Florida use the stuff to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles!
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 14:38, Reply)
There is a genus of snails called "Abra"
...and when a new species was discovered, some wag named it "Cadabra", so its full scientific name is Abra Cadabra.

Probably the same wag who thought it would be funny to publish "Theses on the faeces of species".
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 14:36, Reply)
The most played song on American radio during the twentieth century was You've Lost That Loving Feeling which was written by Barry Mann, Phil Spector, and Cynthia Weil. Although recorded by different artists, the song is the only one in history to be played over 8 million times on the radio. That amounts to about 45 years if the song was played back to back! Three songs were played 7 million times: Never My Love, Yesterday, and Stand By Me (in that order).
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 14:30, Reply)
My mother was a spiritualist and my father was a methodist.

That makes me a metholated spirit

He heee
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 14:26, Reply)
Mr Sheen shines umpteen things clean!!!!!!!
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 14:25, Reply)
it is indeed a fact that reading out the more interesting of these to your mates in the office will make them hate you. FACT!!!
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 14:07, Reply)
you can't look up
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 13:37, Reply)
Dogs can't look up

(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 13:33, Reply)
Queen Elizabeth II
uses a gallon of fuel every 6 inches she travels.

(QE2 the boat that is)
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 13:31, Reply)
another one
The International Standards Organisation (ISO) and the International Electrochemical Comission (IEC) designated October 14th as World Standards Day to recognize those voulenteers who have worked hard to define international standards.

The United States celebrated World Standards Day on October 11th, Finland celebrated on October 13th and Italy celebrated on October 18th.

Michelle Monahan had 1.7 pints of semen pumped out of her stomach in Los Angeles in July 1991.

New york is home to the world's most offensive cocktail, consisting of tomato juice, a double shot of vodka, a spoonful of french mustard and a dash of lime. It i not mixed, but served with a tampon (unused) instead of a cocktail umbrella and is called a "cunt pump"

And a few random ones that haven't been posted too much (or not at all, i hope):

The shortest war in history was between Zanzibar and Britain in 1896. Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes.

The word "lethologica" describes the state of not being able to remember the word you want.

American airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad served in first class.

Not sure if this has been posted, but a lot of people assume "I am" is the shortest possible sentence. It's not. "Be" is a complete sentence; in an imperative statement, the subject "you" is understood.

This QOTW has been home to some of the worst spelling i've seen in recent years (including mine probably - i'm sure you pedants can spot many spelling mistakes in my 2 posts)

Oh and all the people who post replies like "left handed polar bears don't rhyme with orange, etc, etc" are not funny and definately not clever. It was done rather humorously in the "sickest joke" QOTW, however, the complete spamming of these style of posts in this question has rendered them horribly unfunny.

I make no apologies for length or girth, you fucking love it you slags.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 13:28, Reply)
Real names
Marion Morrison (John Wayne)
Shirley Crabtree (Big Daddy)
Maurice Micklewaite (Michael Caine)
Paul Hewson (Bono)
Gordon Sumner (Sting)
Stuart Goddard (Adam Ant)
Harry Webb (Cliff Richard)
Chris Collins (Frank Skinner)
Annoying Irritating Tedious Cock (Daniel Bedingfield)
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 13:19, Reply)
Fatih (farty) is a common name in Turkish.

Also in some places in Turkey they spell Cheese Burger - Jizzburger, due to Turkish Phonetics.

Baked Beans, Bag Pipes, and Joe Strummer were all created in Turkey
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 13:17, Reply)
Even more predictive text fun... and more
Typing in "lips" will also suggest "kiss" or "lisp"
"pint" will also give you "shot" and "riot".

Oh, and along with "raspberry", "cupboard" has a "p" just before a "b" too.

Daniel Bedingfield is a cock.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 13:13, Reply)
True life 110% FACT!
A shark once attacked a frogman hanging from a helicopter, in sight of a large bridge.

This event was not captured on film.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 13:06, Reply)

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