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This is a question Useless Information

Did you know that crabs wee through their eyes? That maidenhair moss is so called because Anglo-saxons thought it looked like pubes? That Albanians have 17 different words for moustache? Astound us with your utterly useless and obscure knowledge.

(, Thu 17 Mar 2005, 14:48)
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Steve McQueen invented
the bucket seat
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 23:10, Reply)
Billie Piper
(of soon to be Doctor Who fame) has fat legs but would still take it up the wrong'un
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 23:09, Reply)
JM Barrie
Invented the name 'Wendy' when he wrote peter pan
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 22:52, Reply)
invented the word 'lonely'
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 22:51, Reply)
the government
apparently the govt introduced the changing of the clocks to give us an extra hour of daylight during the second world war....
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 22:43, Reply)
My school
Has the ugliest girls ever.

(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 22:28, Reply)
More useless Koala related shit
Male koalas, and indeed other marsupials, have forked penises. Lady marsupials have 2 vaginas - wahey - gives a whole new meaning to the phrase meat and 2 vag (b-boom)....
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 22:14, Reply)
tickly tummy
some species of frog or toad or something spew by coughing up their stomach and cleaning it with their little frog hands
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 22:06, Reply)
Humphrey Davy
Humphrey Davy (of miners safety lamp fame) was James 'Steam Engine' Watt's mothers lodger. This is by far and away my favourite bit of useless information.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 21:28, Reply)
what is the obssession
with polar bears?
and elephants?
It's not like you can have them as pets... Although, in the book "Jurassic Park" by Michael Crichton - they clone a psychotic 6" elephant before they go on to the dinosaurs...
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 21:06, Reply)
A Koalo bear...
...feeds its young by eating loads of leafs and then shitting in the wee baba koala bear's mouth.

(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 20:49, Reply)
I have incredibly seductive eyebrows

(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 20:39, Reply)
All the Dogs in the World
If you piled up all the dogs in the world, u could get to Croydon and back twice.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 20:18, Reply)
The word Fuck
This word means 'To Stike' in Germanic. If this was true then it would Explain Dame Maggie Thatchers mood during the 1984 Miners Fuck
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 20:09, Reply)
Mr Beadle
Jeremy Beadle has a small cock, but on the other hand he doesn't really
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 19:43, Reply)
When your hamster dies, do not fret... boil the deceased in some water and sugar until it thickens - thereby creating a jam. Bury a jar of said jam in your garden and await spring. I guarantee you will see new life from your garden in the form of a fresh patch of tulips. Why? You always get tulips from hamster jam.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 19:07, Reply)
Jeremy Beadle does have a fun size crabs hand, I managed to get a good long look at when I was in the cafe of the happily defunct Sheffield Centre for Popular Music and he was sat at the next table. I even mentioned it as a plus point on the cafe comments card.

And in case anyone missed it on my previous post, when elephants die in the zoo they are cut up with chainsaws.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 18:37, Reply)
the last 100
digits of the largest known prime (at the moment) - which has 7816230 digits in it - are 770398697774443727671302636061905300930303992

which just happens to correspond to the number of times i've had to say "Fuck Off" today.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 18:27, Reply)
ten animals i slam in a net
is spelled the same forwards and backwards...

(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 18:12, Reply)
Flushing toilets
I'm not entirely sure about this one but i remember hearing somewhere that the first flushing toilets were in BC Crete in some palace.

Feel free to correct me though
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 18:09, Reply)
It written "St John's Wood" though so the fact still stands.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 18:08, Reply)
Thomas Crapper did not invent the flush toilet
He did invent the Bathroom Showroom though so technicaly he is still responsible for shite
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 18:04, Reply)
Our man Will invented the word 'bubble.'
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 18:04, Reply)
Howard from the Halifax ads gets paid nothing for his appearances
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 18:00, Reply)
It is a well know fact....
.... that carnies have small hands and smell like cabbage. This rule can be applied not merely to carnival folk but also to travellers and gypsies in general.


It is a little known fact that Jeremy Beadle does NOT in fact have one hand smaller than the other, it is the effect of perspective when he stands at an angle. Both hands are full-sized, not fun-sized.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 17:37, Reply)
Apple pips
contain cyanide...not enough to kill you though. Unless you eat a whole bunch of them.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 17:36, Reply)
95% of the people reading these posts are among the nerdiest people on this planet, who in the event of a global war would be the first to die as human shields for the physically strong and handsome
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 17:15, Reply)
"Saint John's Wood"
Shares an "a" with the word mackerel.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 17:15, Reply)
is a fluff panther
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 17:00, Reply)
dragonfly nymphs
the dragonfly nymph is permanently boz-eyed. Its eyes are focused at a point about 20mm directly in front of it. The rest of the world is a blur. However when a tasty beastie appears in focus it is at lethal range of the nymphs harpoon-like mouth parts.
(, Wed 23 Mar 2005, 16:52, Reply)

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