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This is a question Vandalism

I got a load of chalk, felt-tip markers and paint from friends one Christmas in a thinly-veiled attempt to get me involved with their plan to vandalise the toilets at the local park. My downfall: Signing my name. Tell us your stories of anti-social behaviour.

Thanks to Bamboo Steamer for the suggestion

(, Thu 7 Oct 2010, 12:10)
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Fun with fluorescent paint
Many years ago I stood on my mate Mick's shoulders one night and neatly painted "FUCK" in meter high white chemo fluorescent paint letters, high up on the unblemished white wall of Plimmer's Steps in my old hometown of Wellington, New Zealand.
Then for good measure I hopped down and wrote "Fuck" again in black biro a few more times at eye level on the same white wall.
Naturally outraged nocturnal users of this busy inner city thoroughfare complained frequently to the city council and local newspapers about this luminous desecration, and on my way to work I frequently observed grouchy looking council workmen obediently painting over my eye level graffiti, along with the other inevitable felt-tip epithets that sullied their pristine white wall.
...at eyelevel. Being white-on-white my far grander effort further up the wall went unnoticed by the council workers and their taskmasters, who only worked during daylight hours, and therefore never bathed in its ghostly night time glow. The council kept getting an undiminished stream of complaints about my vandalism, and I kept adding to their misery by dropping by and adding a few more red herring black biro "fucks" every time they painted over the wall - always at eye level.
They were completely baffled. Why was there such a big fuss over a few tiny swear words in biro? It took two years and a swimming pool full of white paint before they finally cottoned on.

I like to think that this subliminal swearword served as the inspiration for John Carpenter's 1988 cult sci-fi classic movie "They Live,” but it probably wasn't.
(, Mon 11 Oct 2010, 11:44, 9 replies)
This needs more replies and clicks
Inspired stuff :-)

(Of course, it should have been a big cartoon cock instead...)
(, Mon 11 Oct 2010, 12:57, closed)
I clicked
and agree with your alternative
(, Mon 11 Oct 2010, 13:11, closed)
Hooray! :-)

(, Mon 11 Oct 2010, 13:16, closed)
You're a man of science, aren't you Sandettie?
Do you happen to know of any transparent, thin, sticky plastics which are especially sensitive to UV light and could be secretly stuck to the back of a friend's t-shirt, hence not discovered until much later in the club (If at all) ?
(, Mon 11 Oct 2010, 13:30, closed)
Stencil and transparent fluorescent paint?

(, Tue 12 Oct 2010, 9:42, closed)
Just did it by eye. No prob: It was luminous paint at night,easy to see against a white wall, and I'm a graphics artist.
(, Wed 13 Oct 2010, 7:55, closed)
You should give up being a graphics artist
And take up a career as a professional conversation follower.
(, Wed 13 Oct 2010, 13:45, closed)

(, Thu 14 Oct 2010, 7:10, closed)
Pure genius.
Seriously, amazing.
(, Mon 11 Oct 2010, 14:13, closed)

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