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This is a question Losing Your Virginity

Let's explode some myths here. Personally, I ended up severely bruised from, erm, over exertion and was so embarrassed I hid for days. I really fancied her too.

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(, Thu 3 Mar 2005, 8:37)
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It was the school end of gcse ball...

Id previously been laid up with a torn ligament in my thigh on heavy doses of cocodamol and diazapan. I saved a few diazapan of course. For research.

The school ball was coming up and a a girl in my tutor was being hotly contested for. She wasn't up for a date type thing and being quite a good friend asked if i would accompany her. Ace. I win the arm of a very popular girl and seeing as it's just a mate thing- there's no reason why I can't get smashed. Cue aforementioned medication.

So 2 diazapan and a few pints on im totally wasted and hallucinating a little. She was concerned for my well being and lived close by so she took me back to hers at the end of the night to come round.

I wake up around 2am with a fine young lady tending to my every need. Turns out that she's so glad i'm alive she simply has to give me a blowjob. That was my first blowjob. I've been hooked since.

Following morning she would like to take things a little further and despite what ive heard, this went rather smoothly. I ended up staying there until the monday and got fairly well aquainted with the whole sex thing. Ace.

I went out with her for about 6 months after that. I went to thailand for a few weeks, came back and she had become a lesbian... This took some getting over.

length blah blah pun blah
(, Fri 4 Mar 2005, 13:38, Reply)

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