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This is a question Voyeurism

Enzyme asks "Have you ever accidentally seen something intimate and private and... well... ended up watching? Or found that others had been watching you?"

(, Thu 11 Oct 2007, 18:14)
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So me and some friends were in Spain on holiday. Two of said friends (a gentleman and a lady) had been enjoying some sort of whirlwind holiday romance that had somewhat hit a wall by the last night, which we spent at a crappy disco. It was somewhat uncomfortable. At one point I went outside for some fresh air/release of tension. I stood, fairly concealed, albeit not intentionally, against some railings and surveyed the world for a while. Shortly after this I heard their voices. They'd decided to break up. Next to me. After considering my options for the proverbial fraction of a second I decided that rather than slowly edging away I would turn slightly to get a better view. I can't produce a transcript I'm afraid, it was quite some time ago, but the whole episode was highly entertaining. It ended with the immortal line, "Well... you're crap anyway."

I suppose this is the attraction of those soap opera things.

Length? About 5 minutes.
(, Fri 12 Oct 2007, 0:40, Reply)

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