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This is a question Voyeurism

Enzyme asks "Have you ever accidentally seen something intimate and private and... well... ended up watching? Or found that others had been watching you?"

(, Thu 11 Oct 2007, 18:14)
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Way back in the mists of time I was camping with some mates near Newquay in cornwall. We were staying in what's basically a farmers field, as Newquay is (as anyone who lives in Devon or Cornwall knows) is a chav-hole of pissed northerners, incredibly hardcore looking 'surfers' who mysteriously disappear as soon as it gets overhead, and ludicrously overpriced places to stay.

And breath.

Anyway, this campsite was super basic and a great place to stay. One morning, sun coming up, I climbed out of my tent and glanced over at the camper van parked next to us. A family, kids up already and playing around the van, laughing and giggling. The parents were in the van, still wrapped in a duvet, with the doors open.

It took me a good 20seconds to realise that they were shagging.

But here's the thing - instead of looking erotic, or tantalising, or sexy or rude, it just looked really natural and, well, fantastic. The sun was coming up, the colours of the day just brightening up, kids playing, dew on the grass and a crisp sunny day just beginning - it just looked so cool and natural and weirdly unremarkable that this couple were making love on a morning like this.

I just thought those kids were so lucky to have parents that were still in to each other like that, and it made my day.

If you think about it, for thousands of years families lived in one room dwellings - seeing your parents or relatives shagging must have been normal then..it's only cos we're all so weirdly secretive about it that makes it so voyeuristic inthe first place.
(, Sun 14 Oct 2007, 21:52, 2 replies)
good point
(, Mon 15 Oct 2007, 2:52, closed)
I'm impressed....
to see a surfing related term on B3ta. Thanks.
(, Thu 18 Oct 2007, 6:58, closed)

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