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This is a question Waste of money

I once paid a small fortune to a solicitor in a legal case. She got lost on the way to court, turned up late with the wrong papers and started an argument with the judge, who told her to "shut up, for the love of God". A stunning investment.

Thanks to golddust for the suggestion

(, Thu 30 Sep 2010, 12:45)
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I need a Wii.
Got me a shiny tax return a few months ago! 400 quid in the bag, woo! What to buy what to buy...Oh I know. Throw the mind back three years....*wavy lines.* I have a girlfriend, we want a Wii. I trade in my Xbox, Gamecube, PS2, god knows how many games, and she throws in a couple of her games into the pot and we get a shiny brand new launch wii with a bunch of games etc. We have it for a few months, then she tries to kill me. I wish I was joking. So we break up. She claims the Wii is hers because she traded in two of her games for it. No point arguing since she has a baseball bat.

Dragging back to the present, Shiny Tax Return. I'll replace the Wii that the bitch stole! What a fantastic idea. Off to game then. £187 blown, brand spanking new shiny black wii, extra controls, couple games, charger thingy. Fan-fecking-tastic!

I've played it twice. In four months.
(, Fri 1 Oct 2010, 15:52, 10 replies)
Forgot to mention. The Wiimote that came with it is broken. After two uses. The Trigger is stuck. Tried to take it back to the shop, but apparently I'd have to drag the whole freaking console with me. Useless.
(, Fri 1 Oct 2010, 15:54, closed)
wii bastid
Yeah they're fairly shite..

what ever you do tho..dont be tempted to get those charging stations with battery pack and snazzy blue lights..

Dear lord they're the crappiest of crap.
(, Fri 1 Oct 2010, 16:11, closed)
A friend of mine brought two of the above items... The snazzy blue lights, the charge station, it all looked so good!

Fast forward six months, the Wii Balance board is used only when drunk to play Football head bouncing thing on, the Wii itself used as a bookshelf end and the charging stations thrown out after 2 days after not charging up anything and Game refusing to accept they sold dodgy gear.

Now that's a waste of nearly £300...
(, Fri 1 Oct 2010, 16:36, closed)
Oh crikey - I hear you!...

I bought one of those piece-of-shit chargers with the blue lights.

It was cheap. It was shite. It knacked up.

But you know what I did? I bought another one. It knacked too.

So now you know - there is such a thing as a 'double-twat'...and it is me.
(, Fri 1 Oct 2010, 17:15, closed)
We like our Wii but the charging station was a waste of money. The battery capacity is crap and when it runs out, you'll be scrabbling for some AAs anyway. Better to buy decent rechargeables and a decent charger.
(, Fri 1 Oct 2010, 19:08, closed)

It's that Charger thingy that I have. So far on the two occasions I've used the Wii, the batteries HAVE been charged at least. But that's not really much to go. Getting the controller to sit in the damn thing is a bit of a bitch though. It tends to wobble and the slightest twitch and it stops charging. USELESS. Still, they charged me a fiver for it since I was buying a new Wii, so I wasn't shafted for it at least...
(, Fri 1 Oct 2010, 20:28, closed)
Oh dear...
Mine gave me motion sickness... fantastic! Did manage to sell it for more than I paid though!
(, Fri 1 Oct 2010, 18:18, closed)
You should have
kicked her in the Cunt!!! I would of and still will for you mate, if you want!
(, Fri 1 Oct 2010, 19:21, closed)

Tempting. Very tempting. But nah. Mostly because I don't actually know where she lives now. Nor do I really care. But if I ever find out...
(, Fri 1 Oct 2010, 20:24, closed)
You fucking poof.

(, Fri 1 Oct 2010, 21:32, closed)

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