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This is a question Weird Rituals

David Cameron holds in his piss in order to concentrate. What weird borderline OCD shit do you do and why?

(, Thu 15 Dec 2011, 14:17)
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When traveling
in any kind of vehicle, I have a habit of looking out the side window and contemplate that nature has the best parallax scrolling ever.
(, Sat 17 Dec 2011, 19:42, 4 replies)
Especially if you close one eye
and are not driving at the time.
(, Sun 18 Dec 2011, 11:57, closed)
I don't do it all the time, but I have done it before :D
(, Tue 20 Dec 2011, 11:27, closed)
Sometimes on a train
I like to try and convince myself we're going the other way from the way we're actually going by looking at the ground close to the train. Then a deceleration feels like an acceleration and vice versa.
(, Wed 21 Dec 2011, 14:35, closed)
I LOVE parallax
I used to do this as a kid in the back of the car, or as a youth on trains all over Europe. I like picking a house or a tree as the turning point, and watching the world revolve around it.
(, Wed 21 Dec 2011, 15:20, closed)

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