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This is a question Things to do before you die

Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic tells us that his ambition is to a) drive around New Zealand in a camper van; and b) have MASSIVE sex with the original members of Bananarama. Tell us what's on your wish list, and why.

(, Thu 14 Oct 2010, 13:08)
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I'd like to figure out the Grand Unified Theory...
but I'd take being able to solve the Rubik's Cube!
(, Tue 19 Oct 2010, 19:34, 4 replies)
Easy Peasy. Try this
(, Tue 19 Oct 2010, 23:01, closed)
Read the instructions!
I set myself the task of learning the Rubik solution at Christmas. Took a couple of days but well worth it! Now I can bore people and look silly at the same time!
(, Wed 20 Oct 2010, 9:46, closed)
I learnt how to solve the Rubik's over a weekend when I was about 15
Got a book out of the library called "How to solve the Rubik's cube"

It's not that difficult
(, Wed 20 Oct 2010, 10:26, closed)
Me too.
I got closer to world record times on that than I ever have or ever will on anything else. Still about double the world record, but impressive enough at the time.
(, Wed 20 Oct 2010, 14:51, closed)

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