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This is a question Workplace Boredom

There's got to be more to your working day than loafing around the internet, says tfi049113. How do you fill those long, empty desperate hours?

(, Thu 8 Jan 2009, 12:18)
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I tend to dick about with stationary
This was my greatest triumph and highlight of my working life to date. It is a fully working siege catapult I made from pencils, sellotape, an elastic band and a spoon. It was amazing.

(Tell me if i'm not supposed to put pictures in a QOTW, I'll link if needs be)
(, Mon 12 Jan 2009, 0:45, 13 replies)
You deserve some sort of award for this
Utter brilliance. Post as may pictures as you like on 'ere.

What have you fired off it?
(, Mon 12 Jan 2009, 1:02, closed)
cheers :)
I used the tiny gravel from the plant pots as ammo so I could shower unsuspecting colleagues with stones whilst they were trying to talk on the phone. It had a range of about 5 meters!
(, Mon 12 Jan 2009, 1:08, closed)
That's a superb effort.
Personally I don't mind photos, but some people read QOTW on a tiny window so the boss can't see it, and pictures tend to give it away, so a link might be better, or at least smaller versions with "click for bigger"
(, Mon 12 Jan 2009, 1:46, closed)
the consensus seems to be that it's ok so I'll keep an eye on it and if anyone actually complains I'll link.
(, Mon 12 Jan 2009, 11:54, closed)
Feck 'em if they don't like pictures!
I think it's an excellent effort!

On a similar vein: www.instructables.com/id/Office_Weapons/
(, Mon 12 Jan 2009, 4:44, closed)
cheers :)
(, Mon 12 Jan 2009, 11:52, closed)
Now that
is fuckin great! Well done, Sir!!! *click*
(, Mon 12 Jan 2009, 10:04, closed)

(, Mon 12 Jan 2009, 11:54, closed)
Your office allows hoodies??
You must be in that London or something. Send a memo to the West Midlands that it's OK to wear what you like at work and that it wont result in total anarchy - then maybe I'll make more of an effort to get a job. I fecking hate shirt, tie, trousers and smart shoes..

And nice catapult!
(, Mon 12 Jan 2009, 12:46, closed)
I'm not sure these photos
present positive evidence that wearing hoodies in the office doesn't lead to anarchy.
(, Mon 12 Jan 2009, 13:39, closed)
And thanks Loon for that link. I can see me spending hours making these.
(, Mon 12 Jan 2009, 13:21, closed)
Cheers :)
The trebuget in that link seems unnecessarily complicated, just copy my catapult!
(, Mon 12 Jan 2009, 13:43, closed)
That is awesome
Wonder if marshmallows might make a good missile for it? Would certainly have your colleagues worried until they realised it was soft and squishy. And edible.
(, Tue 13 Jan 2009, 5:47, closed)

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