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This is a question Failed Projects

You start off with the best of intentions, but through raging incompetence, ineptitude or the plain fact that you're working in IT, things go terribly wrong and there's hell to pay. Tell us about the epic failures that have brought big ideas to their knees. Or just blame someone else.

(, Thu 3 Dec 2009, 14:19)
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Not my project, but my family's.
I live in a country which is arid, sand-filled and full of neanterthaal types -- and, to make matters worse, we have no oil.
Thankfully, through the use of Indian slaves and medieval-style laws my family have made this land green and even enticed rich foreigners to partake of the magical delights.
Well, that was until recently. Now, thanks to the fact the country uses the money of the moronic wealthy to control its slave army of builders, and also thanks to dumb bankers, the country is struggling.
If things continue we may have to stop advertising cheap holidays in broadsheets and go after the Ibiza crowd. Sensible Western buisnesses are pulling out and our future is looking bad.
Thankfully, The governments of the US and the UK still deal with our neighbours for oil -- so perhaps our palms will be crossed with silver and our world gilded once again.
Yours, with contempt,
Hamadan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum
(, Tue 8 Dec 2009, 18:24, closed)
You're an Australian!!!
(, Wed 9 Dec 2009, 12:33, closed)
I actually posted this half in reply to a QOTW answer from a few months ago.
(, Wed 9 Dec 2009, 17:24, closed)

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