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This is a question Failed Projects

You start off with the best of intentions, but through raging incompetence, ineptitude or the plain fact that you're working in IT, things go terribly wrong and there's hell to pay. Tell us about the epic failures that have brought big ideas to their knees. Or just blame someone else.

(, Thu 3 Dec 2009, 14:19)
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Christmas fail
Was round a mates house last night. Wandered into his kitchen and noticed he had an unopend tin of Quality Street balanced on the electric hob on a low heat.

"What's all this about then?" I asked.

My mate followed me, "Got our office Christmas party tomorrow night."

"So...." I said, reaching out a hand to feel the heat radiating off the rumbling tin of chocolate and caramel sludge, awash with manky sweet wrappers.

"The cheapskates are holding the party at work this year. We were all ordered to bring something along to eat. I don't really like the people I work with and I fucking hate being told what to do."

(, Wed 9 Dec 2009, 13:13, 5 replies)

(, Wed 9 Dec 2009, 13:21, closed)
good idea
but it's the effort he put into it is a little creepy
(, Wed 9 Dec 2009, 13:21, closed)
Like it
I hate my colleagues but have thus far only written songs about them.

Team build soon, might try something similar.

BTW, my new song "Shoot me in the face it's Tuesday" is out in april.

It is not about bukkake, but can be for the right price.
(, Wed 9 Dec 2009, 14:30, closed)
*I like this* does not reflect the extent of my feelings

(, Wed 9 Dec 2009, 15:40, closed)
Is he the guy from Modern Toss?
(, Wed 9 Dec 2009, 20:29, closed)

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