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This is a question "You're doing it wrong"

Chthonic confesses: "Only last year did I discover why the lids of things in tubes have a recessed pointy bit built into them." Tell us about the facepalm moment when you realised you were doing something wrong.

(, Thu 15 Jul 2010, 13:23)
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My wife had a 'moment' yesterday...
My son had expressed an interest in watching the flying ants (at five I'd have done the same) leaving their nest.
My wife asked,
"What is it with this day? Where do they come from?"
When I explained that they were the queens, leaving to start a fresh life she was shocked.
"I always thought flying ants were a particular breed of ant that only came out once a year!"

*disclaimer* My wife really is not that dim. At least I thought she wasn't.
(, Tue 20 Jul 2010, 17:54, closed)
Doesn't sound dim at all.
Your wife came to a conclusion consistent with her observations, which was also completely plausible.
In fact, I am not sure how you expected your wife to know that some queen ants grow wings without having read it?
(, Tue 20 Jul 2010, 18:13, closed)
Entomology is not something we are all experts in.
(, Tue 20 Jul 2010, 20:27, closed)
Fair play to you both.
Could have been worse, AB could have had a go!
(, Wed 21 Jul 2010, 12:04, closed)
Maybe, just maybe...
... he expects his wife to read something other than Heat magazine and the Daily Mail.

Or perhaps just to know to look stuff up if she doesn't know, rather than display ignorance. I blame Jade fuckin' Goody for being the poster child for wilful pig fuckin' ignorance and making it acceptable, even loveable, to be unapologetically as thick as...

.../rant, to avoid impending apoplexy

(, Wed 21 Jul 2010, 17:30, closed)
You mean to say they're NOT baby birds?
(, Tue 20 Jul 2010, 22:25, closed)

Baby birds are called 'Bees'...
(, Wed 21 Jul 2010, 16:12, closed)
explains a lot in regard to my childhood fear of sex.
(, Thu 22 Jul 2010, 13:00, closed)

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