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This is a question Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly falalalalaalalalala, expounds Richards mcbeef. But is it *really*? Forced merriment, shit presents, awful relatives...One year my sister dropped an almighty guff in front of our grandmother and then literally pissed herself laughing. She was 18. But tell us *your* Yuletide yarns.

(, Thu 17 Dec 2015, 9:06)
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little festive pea

supposedly my best gift ever
or so my mum says. it's not exactly your average gift, but she still talks about it.

one year, when i was about 11 years old, mum came home from the shops in tears. she'd just been out to buy the christmas food, but somebody else had obviously been looking for a bargain and had mugged her and stolen her purse. she reported it to the police, who were, of course, no help whatsoever.
seeing my poor mum so distraught, i had a bit of a brainwave: i'd go carol singing! the few posher streets in our area were always good for a few quid, so i donned my parka and set off, towing mum's shopping trolley with me. fortunately, she didn't notice me taking it.
through the freezing wind and slushy snow i trudged, peddling my dodgy vocal talents from house to house. after 2 hours, i decided i'd had enough and called it a day. when i counted up my takings, the total was a little over £50. i was delighted! scurrying as quickly as i could, i made my way to the local supermarket, where i filled the trolley with festive treats, including a fairly decent sized turkey. every last penny went on shopping, from bread and milk to toilet rolls, everything i thought we'd need. feeling very pleased with myself, i towed the trolley home in the growing dusk.
i arrived home to see mum still red-eyed, worrying about how she'd cope without the food money. i showed her the trolley full of goodies and explained what i'd done.
i didn't expect the waterworks that followed! mum absolutely sobbed her eyes out. in my tiny kiddy brain, i thought i'd done something wrong.
she gave me the biggest hug imaginable and kept right on crying.
we had a great christmas that year.
that was 25 years ago, but she still talks about it.
(Fri 27th Nov 2009, 21:33, More)
(, Tue 22 Dec 2015, 14:30, 9 replies)
I think you'll find it was 31 years ago.

(, Tue 22 Dec 2015, 15:07, closed)
don't, i'm still in my 30's in this post!

(, Tue 22 Dec 2015, 15:09, closed)

(, Tue 22 Dec 2015, 15:24, closed)
(, Tue 22 Dec 2015, 22:09, closed)
(, Tue 22 Dec 2015, 22:49, closed)
November 2009 wasn't 25 years ago.
Or it was, and I've been abducted by aliens.
(, Tue 22 Dec 2015, 22:54, closed)
does your arse feel at all probey?

(, Thu 24 Dec 2015, 14:15, closed)
You are Adele AICMFP

(, Wed 23 Dec 2015, 10:21, closed)
what's an Adele?

(, Thu 24 Dec 2015, 14:14, closed)

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