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That poor tattoo artist, he's got to live with his canvas acting in this way

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:20, archived)
It looks like he's just done it himself in the mirror.

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:27, archived)
tattoo artists surely have some of moral code, right?
Like asking "are you aware this will completely fuck up your life?" before inking someone's face.
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:40, archived)
"I want a tattoo that captures the spirit of this hat"
Say no more, m8
(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 9:45, archived)
There's a wally that comes into my local on the rare occasion and he's got a full Maori facial tattoo. It's been covered and redone several times, so if he's more than about 3 meters away it looks like he's blacked up.

(, Mon 20 Mar 2017, 10:28, archived)