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there's plenty of things I miss from the past
but I don't want to revisit them because they might turn out to be a lot shitter than my memory of them, thus ruining everything. Eating a double decker after a decade was a bit like that.
(, Wed 7 Feb 2018, 19:36, archived)
But that could just be a change in taste

(, Wed 7 Feb 2018, 19:38, archived)
yeah, maybe I've changed
but I don't want my happy memories to be changed by my changing.
(, Wed 7 Feb 2018, 19:41, archived)
Sounds like you are some sort of sentimental prick

(, Wed 7 Feb 2018, 19:45, archived)
the old you never would have said that

(, Wed 7 Feb 2018, 20:14, archived)
Wagon Wheels eh, used to be 2ft across

(, Wed 7 Feb 2018, 19:42, archived)
Curleh wurlehs, 'member

(, Wed 7 Feb 2018, 20:39, archived)