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Is your step-dad Uncle Albert?
"During the war..."
(, Fri 9 Feb 2018, 8:20, archived)
no, but he is well-old
and he's the youngest of his siblings; the other brothers remember running away from tanks.
(, Fri 9 Feb 2018, 8:22, archived)
+ and pointing to the Jewish house for them

(, Fri 9 Feb 2018, 8:24, archived)
his dad was the chauffeur for the local mayor, who openly supported the Nazis
it's the only reason the family survived
(, Fri 9 Feb 2018, 8:35, archived)
History is currently being rewritten anyway, I'm not sure Poland even took part now, think they were neutral like the Swiss

(, Fri 9 Feb 2018, 8:45, archived)
nah, every pole was a member of the resistance army
they killed at least one Nazi and one Soviet each, rescued a Jew and had their grandparents murdered at Auschwitz. Trufax.
(, Fri 9 Feb 2018, 8:50, archived)
I've got to go drinking with a pole next Saturday, he wants to hang out with some Brits in a proper boozer, I give it half hour before he says something offensive

(, Fri 9 Feb 2018, 8:55, archived)
the poles I've encountered are almost certain to come out on top in a fight though

(, Fri 9 Feb 2018, 8:58, archived)
they're pretty racist in the "never seen a black person before" sense

(, Fri 9 Feb 2018, 9:04, archived)
I know, not as bad as russians , who I actually had to tell to not do nazi salutes when they were drunk

(, Fri 9 Feb 2018, 9:07, archived)