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Well I have full confidence in the new government top team.
Oh aye.

(Sat 15th Oct 2022, 18:18, More)

Party time in the cabinet office

Presence of penguins unconfirmed, but they were more fun to add than corrupt politicians.
(Tue 25th Jan 2022, 0:00, More)

Variation on a theme

(Fri 14th Jan 2022, 15:34, More)

“I see what is right and approve, but I do what is wrong.”

(Tue 11th Jan 2022, 21:04, More)

Lemurs are now a serious risk to our national security.

(Mon 14th Sep 2015, 21:49, More)

A square of fluff and some horns for a Saturday evening of, erm, fluff and horns.

my site
(Sat 2nd Feb 2013, 18:05, More)

Something silly from my aquarium trip yesterday.

my site
(Sun 15th Jan 2012, 11:58, More)

The secret to a happy robot...
... is teaching them the right button to press.

my site... robot made from old tech at Bletchley Park
(Sun 13th Feb 2011, 0:16, More)

No reason.

my site
(Tue 19th Oct 2010, 0:19, More)

Not the most sophisticated lyricist...

my site
(Thu 14th Oct 2010, 0:39, More)

Best answers to questions:

» The Meaning Of Giff

The number of "Likes" on a Facebook post about your baby.
"She looks really cute in this one, got a totscore of 327"
(Mon 30th Apr 2018, 18:16, More)

» Worst Record Ever

'stand by your man' by tammy wynette
years ago i did some research involving lots of people listening to four songs, one of which was 'stand by your man'... i ran the experiments and spent weeks listening to it over and over again...
as well as being an irritatingly insipid country tune the lyrics are appalling, anti-feminist, sappy nonsense...
it was horrible...
what makes it worse is that all the words seeped into my brain and i still have problems avoiding singing along if it's played in my presence...
this is a very very bad thing...
(Wed 3rd Dec 2003, 1:33, More)

» The Meaning Of Giff

Tapping on a Twitter user to get some context for a comment, then getting distracted by their timeline and aimlessly following unrelated links.
"Sorry, I went to check if this person was genuinely qualified to comment on that legal case, but dallmallied and ending up reading about this weird breed of dog that has two noses".
(Mon 30th Apr 2018, 17:43, More)

» The Meaning Of Giff

Unit of measure, number of people in a Twitter mob.
"I just said I thought [politician of your choice] was misguided in their approach to Brexit, and a plockton of idiots descended upon me"
(Mon 30th Apr 2018, 23:02, More)

» The Meaning Of Giff

To click on a link and find something unpleasantly unexpected on the resulting web site.
(Mon 30th Apr 2018, 18:01, More)
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