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[challenge entry] Concerning inanimate objects...
There recently was a contest for the most phallic looking building in the world. Not too surprising (for me) the water tower outside my window one. Check out this link to see. cabinetmagazine.org/phallic/winner.php
Very entertaining stuff.

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(, Sun 25 Jan 2004, 4:27, archived)
# haha
deservedly so ;)
(, Sun 25 Jan 2004, 4:32, archived)
# i've heard of that before
isn't there a university nearby?
(, Sun 25 Jan 2004, 4:32, archived)
# Absolutely.
This tower is built on the highest hill in all of Ypsi. SO...you can see it everywhere. It's right at the edge of Eastern Michigan University. And that water tower is closer to me than the cafeteria.
(, Sun 25 Jan 2004, 4:34, archived)
(, Sun 25 Jan 2004, 4:36, archived)
# Hahahahaha
you weirdo
(, Sun 25 Jan 2004, 4:47, archived)
# in cardiff,
there was a building under construction, and about half way through building, for about a fortnight, it looked like a giant cock.
(, Sun 25 Jan 2004, 4:39, archived)
# The CN tower is also rather phallic...
although i think there was a bandwagon for that picture in the link a while back
(, Sun 25 Jan 2004, 5:18, archived)