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# photoshopping my pics from Ireland
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 17:46, archived)
# oi
i hate it when that happens....
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 17:48, archived)
# WOW !
Good thing nobody was in the car. And woo yay!
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 17:48, archived)
# they jumped out
when they saw the sign. That happened off-camera.
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 18:10, archived)
# How awfully woo!
I *heart* Ireland, for tis where I live...
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 17:48, archived)
# should have told me
I was in Galway and Dublin 2 weeks ago, I would have given you an in-person woo and yay! But no hooplas, I don't just give them away...
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 17:50, archived)
# Well,
I SAY Ireland, I really mean Northern Ireland, but Ireland just seems more...glamourous....
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 17:52, archived)
# yeah, more glamorous...
I know what you mean, I told everybody who asked that I'm from New York, but I live in Albany, NY, about 300km North of the big city everyone thinks of.

You Europeans have me talking all metric now too.

Now I'm off to see Celsius 488.
EDIT: I'm not really going to see that movie, but the joke would have been pointless (and still not very funny) without claiming my intent to see it.
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 17:57, archived)
# I have just returned
from you fair land. I pasted a red mini all over and added 900 miles to its clock
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 17:51, archived)
# 900??
Where did you go?!
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 17:57, archived)
# you appear to have no sense
of mileage - oh, wait, your female :P
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 17:57, archived)
# Oi oi,
less of it! I know everything about miles and kilomiles and milometers!
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 17:59, archived)
# Coolmore stud in Tipperary
then Wexford
then Dublin
then back to Tipperary
the back to Dublin
and all in between those places like the Rock Of Cashel, for example
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 18:00, archived)
# Not stop to kiss
the Blarney stone? I hear it's very.....grey
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 18:03, archived)
# I think it would be healthier
to lick the magazines at a hospital
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 18:06, archived)
# more extensive than my visit
I just wandered around Dublin for a day, then Galway the next day. It was part of an 11-day trip across six countries though, without any sort of car. But not bad for a first trip across the pond...
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 18:09, archived)
# Dublin is great
and expensive. VERY expensive.
The beer I mean
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 18:12, archived)
# Mmmm...Guinness
It's good for you so it has to be a bit more pricey :D
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 18:20, archived)
# Worth the extra cost though
It's like a whole meal in a glass (or rather, in four glasses)!
(, Mon 28 Jun 2004, 18:43, archived)