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# Look I'm sorry
I was told barking was sexy.
(, Tue 6 Dec 2005, 22:02, archived)
# Look
you have to be attentive, ask questions and above all, pay attention to my reaction when you do certain things like perform cunnilingus or pretend to be Lassie.
(, Tue 6 Dec 2005, 22:06, archived)
# Listen, Honey, the sooner you realize
that men are all bastards, the sooner
you will realize your sexual grawtfication.
Now, I know you like them sexy beach bums,
but I tell you honey, a nerd from the Valley
will be so much more grateful.
(, Tue 6 Dec 2005, 22:18, archived)
# I don't want gratitude.... I want some hot meat where it counts
fucke 'em and leave 'em, that's what I say!

fancy a sleepover?
(, Tue 6 Dec 2005, 22:25, archived)
# Oh Christ Yes!

Put your tongue in traction 'cause I'm cumming home.
(, Tue 6 Dec 2005, 22:32, archived)