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# WilloTheWisp big finale
[edit] please look further down this post
noticed another ring thing in here ah well. scuse the framerate slowness :\
(, Sun 11 Mar 2007, 1:38, archived)
# under 250kb
FAQ etc
(, Sun 11 Mar 2007, 1:39, archived)
# grrr. Im trying
I reduced the damned monster from 10 meg and its getting smaller. Just wanted to get it posted up as Im hosting the damned thing Im going to keep trying to reduce it. Bloody b3tans are up all night! wasnt expecting any feedback just yet ;P
(, Sun 11 Mar 2007, 1:51, archived)
# Just a quick suggestion
How about editing your original post with the reduced-size version so peeps don't have to download all three LARGE files? /nazis

ps. a bucketload of woo for the work :)
(, Sun 11 Mar 2007, 8:49, archived)
# sorry
I was so tired I forgot to delete from message board last night :\ + the original was pulled from the compo so I assumed like a sloth someone else had deleted this
(, Sun 11 Mar 2007, 14:25, archived)
(, Sun 11 Mar 2007, 1:40, archived)
# EDIT: I do like that, though. please make it a bit smaller.
(, Sun 11 Mar 2007, 1:47, archived)
# I don't care
It's woo, and that's what matters.
(, Sun 11 Mar 2007, 1:53, archived)
[challenge entry] Well...
Its so frustratingly small already so just for the filesize nazis heres one under 250kb

No dial up modem jockeys crying over the download this time instead I just have to hope that everyone has a fek off big computer screen or a magnifying glass :\

PS anyone got any better ideas for optimizing a 248 frame anim? Im new to the anim posting on web lark
(, Sun 11 Mar 2007, 2:21, archived)
# Delete every second frame, it should still be easy to work out what's going on.
(, Sun 11 Mar 2007, 2:25, archived)
[challenge entry] Better?

Thank you thank you and thank you gronkpan
not quite 250 but perhaps this will apease the filenazis ;)
(, Sun 11 Mar 2007, 2:47, archived)
# Yaaaay!
I helped someone do something that I can't even do myself!

(, Sun 11 Mar 2007, 2:51, archived)
# That is fucking fantastic, and worth the large filesize.
(, Sun 11 Mar 2007, 3:14, archived)
# willo teh wisp ftw.
psst, compo it
(, Sun 11 Mar 2007, 3:41, archived)
# tis compo'd
(, Sun 11 Mar 2007, 14:34, archived)