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[challenge entry] i'll repost this in the morning,
my entry for the worst job in the world: The poor little chihauhau that lives in my monitor painting the pixels really fast. Here he can be seen (slowed a million times obviously) refreshing the B3ta page. Poor little mite.

clicky-wickety-woo for a bigger version. oh yes, and he has to do it with a syringe.

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(, Sun 28 Apr 2002, 21:58, archived)
# that is inspired!
i love it!!!!
(, Sun 28 Apr 2002, 22:00, archived)
# nice...
a labour of love.
(, Sun 28 Apr 2002, 22:00, archived)
# he does
love me.
i'm sure.
(, Sun 28 Apr 2002, 22:02, archived)
# ah so thats
how its done.
i thought those CRT ideas were a bit far-fetched
(, Sun 28 Apr 2002, 22:05, archived)
# You htink thats bad
Turn the Refresh Rate Up a bit and watch him squirm
(, Sun 28 Apr 2002, 22:08, archived)
# its the injustice
of keeping those poor creatures in flat panel screens - living in a space barely bigger than their own size.
I'm calling the RSPCA first thing tomorrow morning. the world must become aware of this horror!
(, Sun 28 Apr 2002, 22:11, archived)
# 100Hz on mine
and my chihuaha is going pretty well, I don't think I've turned my pc off in about a week.
(, Sun 28 Apr 2002, 22:15, archived)
# Is it always Chihuahuas?
Can other beasts be trained?
(, Sun 28 Apr 2002, 22:23, archived)
# I'm sure
that Marmots are up to the job... Maybe a little slower than a poodle, which is faster than a chihuahua
(, Sun 28 Apr 2002, 22:38, archived)
# well, i've always preferred chihuahuas
for my laptop. their small size and excellent needle-handling skills make them perfectly suited to the task. In my CRTs i prefer hippos, who can use paintbrushes very well, and fill the available space very snugly.
(, Sun 28 Apr 2002, 22:40, archived)
# genius
that is the best thing ive seen on this message board in a long time, lol
(, Sun 28 Apr 2002, 22:10, archived)