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# A german twist on a classic.

edit: now with NEWS
(, Mon 7 Jan 2008, 20:27, archived)
# Awww
I get the topical reference!
Can I have his marmalade sandwich?
(Swap you for a woo)
(, Mon 7 Jan 2008, 20:33, archived)
# That is your prize
(, Mon 7 Jan 2008, 20:35, archived)
# *nyom nyom nyom*
(, Mon 7 Jan 2008, 20:35, archived)
# Wow,
that didn't last long. :)
(, Mon 7 Jan 2008, 20:38, archived)
# Strangely
That's what all the ladies say to me...
(, Mon 7 Jan 2008, 20:45, archived)
all both
(, Mon 7 Jan 2008, 21:01, archived)
# Leave his
grandmothers out of this. Bully ;)
(, Mon 7 Jan 2008, 21:04, archived)
# This is fantastic
and deserves more praise than it's getting.
I've unlurked to say woo to you.
(, Mon 7 Jan 2008, 20:55, archived)
# Thank you
An unlurked woo, is the most prized of all woos. :)
(, Mon 7 Jan 2008, 21:05, archived)
# Have another unlurked woo
for the simple reason that it deserves one.

Have an unlurked rant too.
The excuse that they are "letting nature take its course" is a steaming pile of poo.

Is putting wild animals in cages "letting nature take its course"?
(, Mon 7 Jan 2008, 21:12, archived)
# That news article does not cover the animal rights groups who want knut killed
because he might not be happy in adult life.


This is not receiving the recognition it deserves, it is excellent and, if this were the day shift, might well be Front Paged.

I like it.

Does anyone else think that a 'percentage of users who were online when it was on the board' method would work better. Almost nothing from the gay shift stands any chance at all, but most of the best work is done at that time.
(, Mon 7 Jan 2008, 20:58, archived)
# Thanks
I thought it was the best topical thing I'd come up with in a long while, and was expecting more of a response.
not that I crave the approval of strangers or anything...
(, Mon 7 Jan 2008, 21:10, archived)
# this is splendid
and as such it will be *clicked
(, Mon 7 Jan 2008, 21:15, archived)