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[challenge entry] Quick Pea for compo

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(, Wed 9 Jul 2008, 9:42, archived)
# haha!!
should be laying on the sofa with their feet up on the wii board!
(, Wed 9 Jul 2008, 9:44, archived)
# that looks like a very fine glass of wine
and, as everyone knows, wine is good for you as long as it's fine wine... YAY

WOO YAY - I especially like the fatties in the background - which is the name of my new band.
(, Wed 9 Jul 2008, 9:53, archived)
# To the rhythm of "Mirror In The Bathroom" by The Beat?
"Fatties in the background, eatin der chips ..."
(, Wed 9 Jul 2008, 9:58, archived)
# yup
but with a stronger techno-folk vibe in a drumfunk stylee
(, Wed 9 Jul 2008, 10:00, archived)
# your band is called Fatties in the Background?
(, Wed 9 Jul 2008, 10:09, archived)
# good name
(, Wed 9 Jul 2008, 10:10, archived)
# yeah
it is now... I think it's a good name for a band

"and now on the radio one hit parade the cool new modern beat combo all the kids on Carnaby Street are digging, The Fatties in the Background with their new 45 'I took her down to chocolate town'... take it away boys"
(, Wed 9 Jul 2008, 10:12, archived)
# lol
i will inisist on being billed as popular-beat-combo whenever/ ifever my band plays
(, Wed 9 Jul 2008, 10:15, archived)
# all you need to do it go to Carnaby Street
and get the kids to dig you tut at you and act like a bunch of superior wankers.
(, Wed 9 Jul 2008, 10:16, archived)
# i will systematically knock out any scenesters that attend
with the brutal roar of gibson on marshall.

they're not used to distortion any more you see
(, Wed 9 Jul 2008, 10:20, archived)
# :)
(, Wed 9 Jul 2008, 10:11, archived)