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[challenge entry] It's 'AFGHAN LAND!' (The Blowingest Uppingest Place On Earth!)

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(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:15, archived)
# minor threadjack, pay no attention
If you want to see the worst movie ever, try Stephen King's Dreamcatcher. Hoo haw. It was so, SO terrible. I laughed my arse off all the way through. I can't believe the actors played it all so straightfaced. If it were me, I wouldn't be able to make it through my lines. Woo yay to Stephen King for lowering the bar.
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:21, archived)
# Sooo...
in what way was it so bad? Was it worse than "Dude! Where's My Car!!?!??"? (extra punctuation marks for added wackiness)
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:24, archived)
# and
did you like that piccie?
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:25, archived)
# well...
i can't see who it is strapped to the missile. i'm kind of hoping that it's sian lloyd. i fucking hate her. kind of doubt it, though.
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:30, archived)
# I think my main complaint about Sian "Fingerstretcher" Lloyd
is her inability to pronounce "temperatures" correctly.
She just "temerachures," which is kinda poor for a weathergirl. She could at least be sexy. Like John Ketley.
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:35, archived)
# it's the strangely shaped head
that i can't stand - amongst other things
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:36, archived)
# You seem to be forgetting
her mouth
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:40, archived)
# That's how we pronounce it 'round here.
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:39, archived)
# Hello
If you had broadband, i'd treat you to a special work in progress preview but it'd take so long for you to d/l you may as well just wait until it's all done (might be another week though who knows)
Aren't you going to London later today for the march?
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:37, archived)
# anyway...
back into the 'workshop'
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:44, archived)
# we are supposed to be.
kate is asleep on the sofa, bag of smashed crabs that she is. sadly, we are dial-up monkeys for another couple of months or so, until we get a new machine that doesn't run on fucking steam.
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:46, archived)
# I wasn't directing that at you
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:38, archived)
# well, i had to post something in reply...
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:48, archived)
# Just the threadjacking
I still find it immensely rude.

But I think everyone else gets more wound up about wastage.

That said, it is just a message board on an internet site.
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:51, archived)
# hahahaha
i think that's what they call a "moment of clarity"...
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:53, archived)
# for once

my god, what's happening to me?
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:56, archived)
# btw, I agree with every word
So, to summarize...
there are plenty of reasons why this isn't a pictures only board. Some are logistical - most people would look at both at the same time (double the traffic yada yada yada) - whilst others are more ephemeral - as somebody pointed out much earlier...
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 4:19, archived)
# It's just
an innocent little girl reading a book
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 6:41, archived)
# Dreamcatcher?
Where I'm from that's a euphemism for Arsehair matting.
damn - should have used it for the comp
(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:25, archived)
# It's a ripoff the thing,
looks like.

(, Sat 22 Mar 2003, 3:43, archived)