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# Optimalised?
Also, why would anyone read a book on a computer screen? Even when I downloaded the preview introduction to Frankie Boyle's book as a PDF I printed it out to read.

Also, why would people want a phone that big?

EDIT: Sorry, I like your picture :D I am just reading the comments from that link that Tribs posted down the board and I really don't get how the Mac fans are actually defending this!
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:13, archived)
# but I thought
a) you can't read books on it in the UK (US only)

b) it's not a phone
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:18, archived)
# Sorry, I explained badly.
What I meant to say is why are people saying "it's not even a phone". Why would they want a phone that big?
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:38, archived)
# It's not even a phone though.
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:44, archived)
# Oh ok.
So where can I get a phone that big?
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:54, archived)
# I think that when people say "it's not even a phone"
their intention is to draw attention to the fact that the iPhone itself does all the same stuff as the iPad AND it's a phone too. Although there are better phones than the iPhone anyway.
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 21:53, archived)
# It's not a phone.
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:19, archived)
# I don't like something so why does anyone else like it? They're WEIRD.
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:21, archived)
# Uh ohhhh! Mac is here.
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:23, archived)
# But I dress cool
You're all fat and you wear grey suits.

Also I've never owned or been particularly impressed by anything made by Apple.

But still. Let's roleplay.
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:25, archived)
Listen to some music, Ben.
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:26, archived)
# I should do.
I had a TEN HOUR job interview yesterday so I've been mostly sleeping since. Hence little recent music.
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:29, archived)
# Ten hours?
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:31, archived)
# Ten. Zero eight hundred to eighteen hundred.
It was not for the army or that sort of phrasing might have been useful.
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:33, archived)
# Ten hours.
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:33, archived)
# You got it, buddy.
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:35, archived)
# Thanks, ultrapal.
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:42, archived)
# Are you following the current snucker?
The red carpet disorientates me.
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:44, archived)
# I'm sort of half watching it.
I'm getting more pumped for it now we're at the quarter-finals.
(, Fri 29 Jan 2010, 19:47, archived)