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» Sep 2008 «

Beer Festival, Chappel, North Essex

Every second week in September, the East Anglian Railway Museum plays host to the Chappel Beer Festival. This year, the festival kicks off on Tuesday 9th Sept and continues until Saturday 13th Sept.

Free camping is provided in an adjacent field, 200 yards walk from the venue itself. The backdrop couldn't be more atmospheric, in the midst of the gentle rolling Essex countryside and right next to a massive Victorian brick viaduct.

I hope that some of b3ta's great and good can take a couple of days off, pitch tents/caravans etc and relax in the late summer sunshine with a few beers...

See you there.

*Edit - Update*

The best days to attend are Weds/Thurs, as the venue gets very busy towards the end of the week. Not only that, but the decent beer tends to run out on a Friday night too.

Try and get there earlier in the week to avoid the queues and potential disappointment at the bar.

(, Thu 29 May 2008, 10:04, Reply)
(tent)atively signing up

As I'm not sure if I'd be able to get time off work, but would aim for the Friday at least

(, Sat 21 Jun 2008, 20:37, Reply)
I hope I can get:

I like camping, beer is nice, and er, I like museums. And viaducts. And the chance to talk shite.

(, Sat 21 Jun 2008, 20:40, Reply)

since other people have signed up I will too. I've hardly got any holiday left before next April, but it sounds fun so I may well go on the Thursday night and stay all day Friday.

If I am going, I may be able to offer some lifts from teh London village

(, Sat 21 Jun 2008, 20:47, Reply)

*books seat in Al's car*

*face licking optional*

(, Sat 21 Jun 2008, 21:18, Reply)

we shan't be able to make this one. Tourettes will be back at work then, so unable to get the time off.


(, Mon 23 Jun 2008, 15:08, Reply)
That's a pity DG & Sweary

We'll have to catch up another time though, I feel a pint coming on...

(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 17:27, Reply)
I has a mini

so I can take a couple of peoplefrom London too.

Yay camping and beer!

(, Sat 21 Jun 2008, 23:36, Reply)
* tentatively does not sign up *

Methinx this might push me over my trip limit so I may have to sit this one out, but who knows what may happen. Would like to go camping. Have a tent but not used it in 3 years.

(, Sun 22 Jun 2008, 1:20, Reply)

Well I live in North Essex, as it happens, but I'm about to move back in with my parents, who are a bit rubbish, otherwise I'd be more than happy for people to crash with me if needed.

On the plus side, I may well have a car by then, so if anyone has issues that rewuire them being piced up from a station, I'm more than happy to help (depending on car).

I'm up for this anyway. Although I don't like beer or camping.
The company better damn-well be worth it...

(, Sun 22 Jun 2008, 12:12, Reply)
I have neither any camping gear

nor any camping inclination! So I may just pop up for one of the days if I can get a day off work. Anyone care to advise me as to which day would be best to visit? Are y'all gonna be there for the whole thing?

(, Tue 24 Jun 2008, 17:54, Reply)
Not sure yet

I think plans will shape up nearer the time.

(, Wed 25 Jun 2008, 17:46, Reply)
Best Days

The Beer Fest tends to get rammed with more people and ergo less decent beer towards the end of the week.

The best time to go is Weds/Thurs nights. You're more or less guaranteed to avoid a long wait at a crowded bar and a decent selection of drinks should be available.

(, Mon 11 Aug 2008, 16:24, Reply)
I would reall really really love to attend this as it is only down the road from me

but I will be in London :(

Next year though. Yes.

(, Mon 28 Jul 2008, 12:15, Reply)

beer beer beer beer!

oh god this month is going to be painful. qotw bash this weekend, 606 bash in Swansea on the 30th then a beer fest, oh well fuckit!

(, Mon 18 Aug 2008, 15:33, Reply)

I'm going to be in London that evening for a meeting the next day.


(, Fri 22 Aug 2008, 18:29, Reply)

I have been informed that I am actually going to be at a wedding in cocking Devon for this.


(, Mon 25 Aug 2008, 17:17, Reply)
Well, that's poo!

Just as I've decided to sign up too... :(

Still, weddings = more important than B3ta bashes!

(, Mon 25 Aug 2008, 17:45, Reply)
I shall do my best!

Most likely towards the end of it all, if you're all still there!

(, Mon 25 Aug 2008, 17:46, Reply)

I'm not too far from there.

(, Tue 26 Aug 2008, 9:10, Reply)
It's much better to go mid-week

If you leave it until the weekend it gets very crowded and short on beer...

Best nights are Weds & Thurs.

(, Wed 27 Aug 2008, 10:57, Reply)
I have

already booked off the wednesday and thursday in anticipation, weekends at beer festivals are universally rubbish, weekdays are much better for seasoned beer consumers in both quality of beverage and availability.

not that im talking from experience or anything, lalalalala

(, Wed 27 Aug 2008, 12:16, Reply)
All depending on my work

or lack thereof.
I will try to be there but I'm not sure what days or evenings.

(, Wed 27 Aug 2008, 22:49, Reply)

I would only be able to go on the Friday and Saturday nights, so if people aren't going to be there and/or it's rubbish on those nights I think i'll give this a miss.

Does anyone fancy a QOTW mini-bash on the friday night on london village?

(, Thu 28 Aug 2008, 12:12, Reply)
I still don't know what I'm doing!

I am waiting to be told. However, if I do come up, it'll be for a few hours on the Saturday, I should think.
Al, did anyone respond to the drink suggestion on the Friday? Might be up for a quickie (shut up, everyone) if you decide to go ahead with that...

(, Sun 7 Sep 2008, 15:28, Reply)

looks like I'm ducking out of this one for sure.

(, Tue 9 Sep 2008, 17:58, Reply)

If I'm coming to this (and if I am, ancrenne will be), then it'll be on the Saturday evening, then we could stay over.

Just want to know who'll be there for sure on Saturday, and if it's worth doing, or if it's gonna be a write-off this time.

(, Tue 9 Sep 2008, 9:14, Reply)
I'm gonna

Agree with Clendrix, the Saturday really isn't gonna happen by the looks of things.

(, Tue 9 Sep 2008, 19:40, Reply)
sorry guys

I can't say for sure that I can make it.

Too skint, sorry

(, Wed 10 Sep 2008, 18:31, Reply)

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