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Dublin bash

General jarring with like-minded b3tans hopefully ending in a blazing row and a fight as is traditional.

Fri 5 Sep 2008, 19:00

The Stag's Head

Dublin bash

Going: bazmorningstar, weekirst23, commiegirl21, broin (4 people).

(, Wed 6 Aug 2008, 12:56, Reply)

I'm prebooked for Malchick's birthday bash in Leeds.

(, Thu 7 Aug 2008, 13:23, Reply)

This could co-incide with my trip to the Auld Sod (parent avoidance mode activated). I will check Ryanair and their godforsaken pedal-powered jets.

(, Mon 11 Aug 2008, 11:03, Reply)

Having discussed this with the missus, apparently we're at a wedding that day.
Sorry, folks.

(, Tue 12 Aug 2008, 11:36, Reply)

I'm going to bring a printout of what B3ta looks through my work proxy. Hi-larious.

(, Tue 12 Aug 2008, 12:55, Reply)
Literary Tour

So, is anyone up for this pub crawl thing, or is that just me? (I can always wait for another night) :)

(, Mon 18 Aug 2008, 10:54, Reply)
Literary tour?

Pub crawl?

(, Thu 4 Sep 2008, 23:31, Reply)
pub crawl

That was a brief Idea baz had given me, since i'm a heathen and hardly know any pubs in dublin :)

(, Fri 5 Sep 2008, 13:32, Reply)

Commiegirl and I were there from about 6 til 7, but didn't see anyone. We even had a wee sign. But the place was *heaving*.

We're up for trying again. Maybe midweek this week? Porterhouse?

Or next weekend. We live in the middle of town, so it's all a much of a muchness. =)

(, Fri 5 Sep 2008, 19:19, Reply)

And I was there, looking lost and askin randoms if they were B3TA people :(

I could go for a pint or two, but i'm up at 630 for work the next day

(, Sun 7 Sep 2008, 20:24, Reply)

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