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This is a link post Conjoined twins got a job
Abby and Britt are conjoined twins, two people sharing one body.

I'm posting this for many reasons, mostly about understanding of disability.

Even 'disability' is the wrong word. Just different, unusual, rare. Nothing wrong with questions though...

Pre-emptive questions;

-Two vagina's: No, why would they?

-Not getting a salary each: No,they teach one class; it would not be fair to the school. Think like 'jobshare'

-Who controls what: Half each. Good coordination. Two stomachs, two hearts. See doc for more info.

-Freaks, kids scared: For like, an hour tops. Then kids think it's normal but boast about their awesome teachers.

-Threesome: According to the official Internation Standard Adjudication Of Threesomes, no. Of course there is no such thing. Make up your own mind.

:Incest: Don't be silly

:What if one murders: Deal with it if it happens, that's why we have a jury.

:Mind-reading: No, just very close and shared experience. lots of twins, esp identical, "know what the other is thinking" - they don't. But it's uncannily close.

:Orgasm: Shared; because shared circulation, so hormones.

:Two passports, two Social Security numbers. One seat on a train/bus.

Google BBC documentaries for more info. Don't feel bad for asking questions.

Yes, it's weird, but as in 'unusual' and 'interesting'.

And awesome and nice.
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 19:14, , Reply)
This is a normal post what if you fancy abby
but she irritates the fuck out of you. But Britt is sort of meh, but you enjoy her company?
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 19:55, , Reply)
This is a normal post How liekly is that?
They're almost identical
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 19:57, , Reply)
This is a normal post But do they need two concert tickets?
If so, they still save money on drinks I guess
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 20:04, , Reply)
This is a normal post Eh, concert venues can make a reasonable decision, surely?
1 seat, 2 drinks.

Although it's a technically interesting question, it's really not hard to work it out in real life.
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 20:31, , Reply)
This is a normal post
A) Is there a hierarchy to who is in control of limbs etc?
B) are they fertile?
C) is their life expectancy the same as "normal" people (i.e. Is there extra strain on the heart or such)?
D) do they have a completely shared nervous system?, for example, could one be asleep and the other be scared by a noise (on headphones!!) and both become terrified?
E) would they need to drink twice as much alcohol to get pist-up or does one bare the brunt of any intoxicants afore the other?
F) Have they ever been approached to exploit their uniqueness? Off the top of my head I can imagine an advertising campaign for Kappa if they can get their legs wide enough!
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 20:16, , Reply)
This is a normal post They have done a few vids, one I watched answered quite a few of those.
A) One side each.
B) Dunno.
D) Apparently so; one can feel hot while the other is cold.
F) Apparently they have long been keen on talking to the media, so why have I only just heard of them?
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 20:23, , Reply)
This is a normal post Answers
a) half each, good coordination, see documentaries for more info
b) why wouldn't they be?
c) not enough case-studies to show any meaningful stats
d) mostly shared; chances are both wake
e) no, shared bloodstream
f) yes
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 20:34, , Reply)
This is a normal post It is astonishing. How do they cope with conflict? Do they crave solitude? I feel a Sartre quote coming on.

(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 20:25, , Reply)
This is a normal post in camera.
one of my favorite plays
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 20:31, , Reply)
This is a normal post Same as any other siblings do

(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 20:35, , Reply)
This is a normal post without slamming doors and stomping off to their rooms
which I think was the point of the post.
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 21:19, , Reply)
This is a normal post maturity, empathy and diplomacy i guess
y'know, just like how any other reasonable human beings would deal with such a difficult situation
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 21:53, , Reply)
This is a normal post That's so fucking typical of you
You've always got to be right.
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 22:27, , Reply)
This is a normal post please don't nail me to a tree this time
my wounds are still healing x
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 22:32, , Reply)
This is a normal post I can't even hear you
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 22:44, , Reply)
This is a normal post
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 22:54, , Reply)
This is a normal post Thanks for posting and answering the obvious questions. I still have a few unanswered questions after reading your post and watching the video.
If Abby jinxes Britt, does it count if Abby says Britt's name or do the rules require a completely separate third person to say her name before she can speak?

Do they always stand in the same order like Ant and Dec?

Two contracts, so if one lady gets sacked, can the other one continue working in the school?

Can they exercise simply by arm wrestling?

They are Math Teachers but as there are two of them would the kids in their class have to learn a new word 'Maths' and refer to them as Maths Teachers?

Do they have only one mobile phone between them?

Why are they called Miss Abby and Miss Britney, why not Miss Hensel and Ms Hensel or "The Two Misses Hensels"?

Can one of them never look left and the other never look right?

A very interesting situation for sure but for them entirely normal.
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 20:28, , Reply)
This is a normal post answers
1. They're conjoined
2. no
3. sure, so can brothers and sisters
4. Refer to them as the two people they are
5. Yes
6. Because they're two people
7. Why the hell... no
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 20:37, , Reply)
This is a normal post Which one does the puking?

(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 21:28, , Reply)
This is a normal post One stomach, so both.
The real question therefore is which one gets to stick their head down the pan, and which one has to puke into a shoe?
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 21:41, , Reply)
This is a normal post 2 stomachs

(, Mon 12 Feb 2018, 0:37, , Reply)
This is a normal post Did one vote Trump, and the other Clinton?

Interesting. Good on them and good luck to them. I taught primary school for a while, and it was shit.
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 21:56, , Reply)
This is a normal post Eh, they are very similar
Like other twins, they're likely to vote the same way.
(, Mon 12 Feb 2018, 0:40, , Reply)
This is a normal post Mark Twain wrote a novel about twins
Pudd'nhead Wilson. Like most of Mr Twain's writing, it is well worth a read. There are different versions but it originally featured conjoined twins, before being revised. Part of the plot hinges on who was to blame for a the death in a duel caused by one of the twins.
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 22:03, , Reply)
This is a normal post The speech in unison is very unusual.
But it's nice to see stories like this, where everyone's just treating it as normal life.
(, Sun 11 Feb 2018, 23:24, , Reply)
This is a normal post After knowing them for an hour, you'd be used to it
They do what they do, they are what they are
(, Mon 12 Feb 2018, 0:44, , Reply)
This is a normal post 'being on the same wavelength'
many other friends finish each others sentences and such like if they spend a lot of time together... morphic resonance?
(, Mon 12 Feb 2018, 0:56, , Reply)
This is a normal post The poor one at the back never gets the same attention as the other two.

(, Mon 12 Feb 2018, 15:57, , Reply)