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This is a normal post There will be colour loss if you use the old technique...
...of red/green lenses, which will be the only way to have 3d on current televisions. In cinemas they can use circular polarisation, so the colours stay intact.
(, Sat 16 Jan 2010, 22:03, Reply)
This is a normal post If you don't mind feeling a bit sea-sick by the constant movement,
the Pulfrich effect works quite well on TV. It was even used in a special episode of Doctor Who!

Edit: Here's a much better demonstration of the effect.
(, Sat 16 Jan 2010, 22:30, Reply)
This is a normal post oooh, never heard of the pulfrich effect before...
..i don't have any sunglasses here, but with a bit of practise, if you half shut your left eye, it is possible to fleetingly get an idea of the effect (you are, after all, letting less light into one eye)
(, Sat 16 Jan 2010, 23:02, Reply)