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This is a question Abusing freebies

A friend of mine recently attended a 'Champaign Lunch', where he was compelled drink as much fizzy stuff as he could between the first and last courses. In an ideal world we'd ask restaurant staff to tell us stories about fatties stuffing themselves at All You Can Eat places, but we recognise that our members don't all work in the catering trade, so for the rest of you - tell us something about abusing freebies. BTW: Bee puns = you fail.

(, Thu 8 Nov 2007, 14:16)
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Drunk engagement night...
..me mate's cousin was getting engaged a good few years back, so to celebrate there was a party setup in a club in the centre of Swansea. Me 'n' aforementioned mate were only 15 at the time, but were invited regardless. We turn up, get our own table and end up having beer mat fights for half the night, while his family buy us loads of drink.

At the end of the party, his uncle invites us both to crash out in the spare bedroom of his house. We arrive at his house, and his auntie and uncle retire to sleep/shag/whatever. Before he retires however, he offers us anything from his "mini bar", which was this largish bar stacked full of booze and goodies in the dining room. We grin and start the freebie hunt.

The main problem we noticed however was the entrance to the back of the bar was blocked full of boxes. So me and me mate stumbling in the limelight decided that rather than moving the boxes and getting smashed in the traditional manner, we had a much better idea than that. Cue mate holding my ankles and me swinging carefree upside-down over the top of the bar, grabbing as many handfuls of goodies as I could reach. Managed to get 20 packs of Minstrels and 18 Wispas too, which I ate half of in an hour.

Twas like a drunken version of those teddy-bear/claw machines you get in the arcades, it really was.

Once we got everything, we ate and drank and watched some porn his uncle had hidden in the cupboard :D
(, Mon 12 Nov 2007, 9:13, 1 reply)
If you're going to
blag freebies, might as well do it in an amusing/stupid/both manner.
(, Mon 12 Nov 2007, 15:37, closed)

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