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This is a question Best and worst TV ads

"I'd like to give that dodo off the 5 Alive adverts a good kicking," says tom.joad. And luckily, there's tasty, tasty Cillit Bang to clean up the blood stains when you've finished. Tell us about TV adverts.

(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 15:17)
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Beware the Judderman when the moon is fat
Quite posible the bestest advert ever. Scared the becheesus out of me one night after a few too many tokes.


worst ever? those cunts who buy any cars
(, Fri 16 Apr 2010, 21:16, 2 replies)
I spent ages looking for that thinking it was a smirnoff ice ad.
I was reminded of it by Lady Gaga's bad romance video:

also the Pumpkins Tonight Tonight video
(, Fri 16 Apr 2010, 22:28, closed)
From an advertising point of view, you're dead wrong.

I've got no idea what the Judderman was advertising. Might have been some sort of Vodka? I just remember the creepy character.

But those guys who buy any cars. Well, they definitely Buy Any Car...... .Com
(, Sun 18 Apr 2010, 17:01, closed)

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