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This is a question Best and worst TV ads

"I'd like to give that dodo off the 5 Alive adverts a good kicking," says tom.joad. And luckily, there's tasty, tasty Cillit Bang to clean up the blood stains when you've finished. Tell us about TV adverts.

(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 15:17)
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Free advice to Santander:
In a recent advert, you appear to suggest that you can afford your customers safe passage across the financial landscape, in an allegory where a specially built red viaduct represents Santander, responding to the needs of its customers and delivering a tailored service. The sleeping child in the family car may even hint at how much better his life will turn out because his parents chose Santander.

This may all be wonderful, however your bridge design appears to be based on gigantic LEGO bricks, whose proportions are no different to their normal size equivalents. There's not enough friction between LEGO bricks to form a stiff arch, necessary to achieve the slender spans of your supposed bridge design. LEGO bricks are designed to be easily separated. Any family car attempting to cross this bridge would plummet to the valley floor, along with the number of structural engineers banking with you. The LEGO studs would also make it a very bumpy ride.

...and while Lewis Hamilton may be a Formula 1 champion, his skills are not necessarily transferable to the job of supervising a major construction job.

Just a thought.
(, Sun 18 Apr 2010, 15:56, 4 replies)

and they are driving a 1993 mercedes 280t, which will have broken down like mine in a similar european location neccesitating going into overdraft and incurring unneccesary charges.
(, Mon 19 Apr 2010, 7:11, closed)
Ha ha great!
Please say that you actually sent them an email with that content?!
(, Mon 19 Apr 2010, 9:28, closed)
Fuck it
perhaps I will!
(, Tue 20 Apr 2010, 23:23, closed)
I too was wondering what Lewis Hamilton and giant Lego bridges had to do with sensible banking.
(, Tue 20 Apr 2010, 13:39, closed)

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