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This is a question Best and worst TV ads

"I'd like to give that dodo off the 5 Alive adverts a good kicking," says tom.joad. And luckily, there's tasty, tasty Cillit Bang to clean up the blood stains when you've finished. Tell us about TV adverts.

(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 15:17)
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Say the magic word - Mazuma, Mazuma, Mazuma!
The premise of this ad is that washed-up has-been Paul Daniels (accompanied as ever by the not-so-lovely Debbie McGee) can "magic" your old mobile phone into cash! This process is more commonly known as buying and selling.

"I'm going to the supermarket to magic some of my money into food."

(, Thu 22 Apr 2010, 10:00, 1 reply)
I used to like
the Paul Daniels show. They should bring it back, the man was very good.

Though sadly, Victorian fairground strongman-a-like Hans Moretti is now no longer with us.

Edit: Apparently not, he is still alive.
(, Thu 22 Apr 2010, 11:46, closed)

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