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This is a question When Animals Attack

I once witnessed my best friend savaged near to death by a flock of rampant killer sheep.

It's a kill-or-be-killed world out there and poor Steve Irwin never made it back alive. Tell us your tales of survival.

(, Thu 24 Apr 2008, 14:45)
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that damned duck
My son loves to feed the ducks at the local park so we go down there regularly with bags of old bread or a few handfuls of grain. Now most of the ducks are your laid back, passive quacking little buggers, but there is one evil, steam train hissing, psychotic bastard of a muscovy duck (ugly buggers they are). This one decided he wasn't getting his share of the bread so he reared up, flapping his wings, knocked my 2 year old flat on his arse and proceeded to peck him with malice aforethought. I did what any self respecting father would do and taught that evil little duck that he could fly without using his wings, thanks to a kick up the clacker.

A week or two later we were back at the pond and saw that someone had spray painted the duck bright green. Can't say I felt sorry for it.
(, Wed 30 Apr 2008, 18:09, Reply)

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