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This is a question Annoying Partners

As a recent divorcee, it would be churlish to reveal what annoys me the most about my ex, apart from that unfortunate business with the crinkle-cut beetroot which tipped us over the edge. So, what winds you up about your significant other? If you have no partner, tell us about workmates. If you have no workmates, improvise with an annoying tramp

(, Thu 4 Aug 2011, 14:47)
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A horrible confession...
I've been with my boyfriend for about a year and a half. The honeymoon period is well and truly over, and now I don't think there is anything about him that doesn't annoy me.

He can't wash up, talk softly, watch TV at any volume lower than 30 (15-20 is fine). Also he's pretty racist, stupid and he always thinks he knows best.

I'm by no means perfect, he's a total A-hole. I should probably do something about this.
(, Tue 9 Aug 2011, 10:43, 13 replies)
Sounds like a modern day Alf Garnett
What's not to like?!
(, Tue 9 Aug 2011, 10:46, closed)
He's 24...
with the enfeebled mind of 80 year old. He's definitely his parent's son.
(, Tue 9 Aug 2011, 10:51, closed)
What you should do is have a baby, that'll make it all better.

(, Tue 9 Aug 2011, 10:53, closed)
Like I'd let him loose near impressionable youth. Not to mention he'd probably have killed the poor child within a week!
(, Tue 9 Aug 2011, 11:12, closed)
Probably just get married then.
He'll HAVE to change then!
(, Tue 9 Aug 2011, 11:18, closed)
Keep him in a cage
It might be fun.
(, Tue 9 Aug 2011, 11:19, closed)
So, he's a hateful idiot,
and you hate him?

Do you rather low self-worth, by any chance? Or are you just a hateful idiot?
(, Tue 9 Aug 2011, 11:28, closed)

(, Tue 9 Aug 2011, 11:47, closed)
Thats why you have that user name.
(, Tue 9 Aug 2011, 12:11, closed)
oh for fuck's sake.
wait until he beats you to a pulp then moan to the police that you always thought he was a wrong 'un.
(, Tue 9 Aug 2011, 12:21, closed)

...who takes it up the wrong 'un.
(, Tue 9 Aug 2011, 12:44, closed)
Oh, please...
I could totally have him in a fight.
(, Wed 10 Aug 2011, 10:22, closed)
.....the distasteful fucker!
(, Tue 9 Aug 2011, 16:11, closed)

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