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This is a question Awesome Sickies

A colleague has been off work for two weeks now - apparently he's got something they can't diagnose, (although they know for sure it's not Legionnaires, Malaria, BSE or AIDS, he's supposedly in isolation). We are all sure he's merely sitting in the sun waiting for the World Cup to come on the telly.

What have you invented to get off work?

(, Fri 9 Jun 2006, 7:40)
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Workshy Fops!
In seven years at my current job, i haven't once phoned in sick, either with an actual or imaginary complaint.

The glorious British empire wasn't built on people deciding they don't feel very well. I mean, if Nelson had taken a sickie at the Battle of Trafalgar, we'd all be eating garlic and talking like gayers now. That fucker had his arm blown off and his eye shot out and he still turned up for work the next day!

However, i do steal things from work. It's your duty as an oppressed worker.
(, Fri 9 Jun 2006, 12:09, Reply)

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