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This is a question Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

Ten years ago today we launched B3ta (well the version of it you'd recognise). Happy birthday B3ta! As a special one off please add your memories of B3ta here. E.g. How you found the site, or an early thing you saw on the site, maybe the people you've met or how the community is/was part of your life.

(, Mon 12 Sep 2011, 10:24)
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Several drunken bashes, a 155 mile walk of shame, and getting knocked up by a midget.
I've been a QOTW regular for over four years now. I remember the good old days when all this was textfields and no replies. Everything I've posted about on here has been true with the exception of a story about my prize fighting whelk, Rocky.

But I digress... Back in 2009 I went to a B3ta stagbash - Devil_In_Tights was getting married and we decided to get absolutely pissed in his honour. It was a hot day, I hadn't eaten very much, and I arrived in that there London with the intention of having a glass or two of wine and a late train back to Bristol. Instead, I woke up in Hertford with fellow B3tan Captain V, a.k.a. Catface, on a sofabed in his parents' dining room. At least I knew his username. I had no idea where Hertford was but a quick text to some other B3tans and I established I had a 155 mile Walk of Shame ahead of me in a broken pair of shoes. Turns out I quite liked the young man, which was lucky as he knocked me up a short time later. The conversations with friends and family were convoluted, to say the least:

"Yes, I'm pregnant. Well, we've been together for a couple of months... Um, he's bipolar too. Yeah, met him at a party. Well, I knew him from the Internet. No, not from a mental health website. Well, sort of. From B3ta. Er, like a creative writing site. No mum, you can't have the link to it. Of course he's lovely. He's a bit shorter than me, yeah but what's three or four inches, eh? Fnarr. oh, and he's a bit younger than me. Okay, he's 12 years younger than me."

Thanks to B3ta I found the bloke I want to grow old with (although I have a head start) and we have one of those noisy children things. Our daughter was born in July 2010. We married in December 2010 with a bunch of b3tans at the wedding, who we rickrolled in place of a reading. Catfaceceilidhbaby is a technohappy one year old who makes every day a joy. In true QOTW fashion she likes breasts.

Thank you, B3ta. And thank you, b3tans.
(, Mon 12 Sep 2011, 12:42, 6 replies)
As instructed I have clicked.

(, Mon 12 Sep 2011, 12:51, closed)
You're easier to bully than al in a half-marathon.
"Al, it's the last mile! The last fucking mile! Come on, pick up your feet and RUN! A mile is fucking nothing, man! RUN!"
(, Mon 12 Sep 2011, 12:52, closed)
I didn't even have the energy to be upset.

(, Mon 12 Sep 2011, 13:01, closed)
Are you at work?

(, Mon 12 Sep 2011, 13:37, closed)

(, Mon 12 Sep 2011, 14:17, closed)
you crazy internet people

(, Mon 12 Sep 2011, 12:55, closed)
Fluffy stuff.

(, Mon 12 Sep 2011, 15:36, closed)
10 years
and that edit/reply bug is still going strong.
(, Mon 12 Sep 2011, 21:24, closed)
I am compelled to say what a beautiful story
Clicky, funny place this, you can't help but love it.
(, Mon 12 Sep 2011, 22:44, closed)
great story
Good luck with motherhood, bipolar and life. Click
(, Fri 16 Sep 2011, 10:13, closed)

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