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This is a question The Best / Worst thing I've ever eaten

Pinckas Ben Nochkan says: Tell us tales of student kitchen disasters and stories of dining decadence. B3ta Mods say: "Minge" does not a funny answer make

(, Thu 26 May 2011, 14:09)
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Festival best and worst eats
Pie Minister has to be the best thing I have ever eaten at a festival. They are simply delicious, especially with the minted peas and gravy!

Whenever I have been to a festival where Pie minister have been plying their trade there has always been a massive queue. I always go for a Heidi Pie (goats cheese, sweet potato and spinach)but they are all good, I'm salivating now just contemplating them.........

Plus they have a mildly amusing name which is always a bonus.

The worst thing I have ever eaten at a festival would have to be the Jerk Chicken I got at the Big Chill last year, I love a bit of Jerk Chicken, and had saved the Jerky goodness for the last meal at the festival (there was no Pie Minister last year booo!). It started well the taste was there, plenty of heat and Carribean goodness until I had got to the ribs and found myself eating a mysterioussly shaped bit of gristle which (due to its anatonical placement) I can only assmue was a lung. I'm not usually squeamish but it put me right off - not the worst thing I have ever eaten though, that was a ladybird that landed on my ice cream when I was 6. It was fucking disgusting.
(, Tue 31 May 2011, 14:01, 8 replies)
sweet potato
is total win, must try it in a pie
(, Tue 31 May 2011, 14:04, closed)
They have a shop close to my office
but I have always been put off by their pathetically twee names like 'Moo Pie'.

Maybe I need to overcome that and give them a try.
(, Tue 31 May 2011, 14:08, closed)
They're not terrible but I wouldn't climb over your mum to get to one.
It's more that at most festivals they're competing with glorified A-road kebab vans who've just doubled their prices and put comedy hats on the greasy waitresses.
(, Tue 31 May 2011, 15:20, closed)
The 'Moo and Blue' has a shit name but tastes superb, for a 'chain' pie.

(, Tue 31 May 2011, 17:50, closed)
Try them
they are really delicious.
(, Tue 31 May 2011, 19:15, closed)

really delicious all right
(, Tue 31 May 2011, 19:57, closed)

The heidi pie is by far the best, closely followed by the Matador ( I cannot resist chorizo!). Their cafe in Oxford's indoor market is great; I detest peas but wow, theirs are brilliant!
(, Tue 31 May 2011, 22:42, closed)
I concur!
I also enjoy the Chicken of Aragon - athough I will conceed that the names of some of the pies are a bit try hard.
(, Wed 1 Jun 2011, 14:38, closed)

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